Top AEW star says everyone could use six months working for Vince McMahon

Chris Jericho shared valuable insight on what he learned while working with Vince.

Top AEW star says everyone could use six months working for Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon (Via google)

The name Vince McMahon comes to mind instantly when talking about WWE. He is the most influential figure. A lot of young guys have learned a lot of things from him, not just wrestling lessons but life lessons. One of those superstars is Chris Jericho who respects Vince McMahon a lot and talked about what was it like to work with him. 

Jericho was talking with Chris Van Vliet on his podcast, where he asked Y2J about Vince stepping down. As per the popular personality himself, he never thought Vince would ever step down. However, he stepped down after knowing that his son-in-law, Triple H, would handle everything. 

Jericho also shared some of his experiences with the boss and said he may not have been the easiest person to deal with, but he has learned a lot from him and has always loved to discuss different ideas with him. 

Vince is smart, and I bet ya he was like okay I'm at the point now where this is not good for me to be here. so he trained and groomed Triple H for 20 years and felt confident enough that things were going to continue without him, I think everybody in AEW could use six months working for Vince because that's where you understand what wrestling is, and how the wrestling business works.
Chris Jericho on Vince McMahon via Chris Van Vliet podcast

He further added that he told everyone in AEW that they should work with someone like Vince McMahon because they would learn a lot from him. Jericho is a part of AEW right now, but he is one of those superstars who is constantly in touch with WWE and often talks with Vince about wrestling. Fans are wondering whether they might see Y2J in WWE ever again or not.

Chris Jericho shares his opinion about CM Punk returning to WWE

CM Punk made his return to WWE at the Survivor Series after nine long years. On the Chris Van Vliet podcast, Jericho shared his honest opinion on what he feels about Punk’s return.

CM Punk
CM Punk (via- WWE)

Y2J said the decision by Punk to join WWE didn’t surprise him. He further added that Vince always did what was best for business, and Triple H learned from him and gave fans what they wanted; they benefited from them. So, the decision by Punk to join his old company didn’t surprise him.

"I mean it doesn't surprise me you know I mean that's Vince's attitude like if you can make money with somebody then you bring them back. Vince isn't in charge but Triple H learned from Vince once again, and you know keeping the fans entertained and happy. I mean look he came back and it was the highest-viewed social media segment that they ever had. So it was a benefit to them. It didn't surprise me. 
Chris Jericho on CM Punk Return

Jericho and Punk had an amazing rivalry in WWE. They also shared quite some time on AEW, but now that Punk is with his old company, it will be interesting to see whether fans will witness another face-off between them in the near future or not. 

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