Trinity Fatu debunks rumors about viral picture of Rikishi shaving his head bald

A recent picture has been making the rounds on the internet lately which has been misleading the fans.

Trinity Fatu debunks rumors about viral picture of Rikishi shaving his head bald

Rikishi and Trinity Fatu

Twitter (now X) is well known for spreading rumors and misinformation, and that is one of the major factors that damages professional wrestling. The same has happened when a picture of Trinity Fatu, Jimmy Uso, and a family member who looked like Rikishi has been making the rounds on the internet.

The picture actually features Trinity, her husband, Jimmy Uso, and their uncle, i.e., Rikishi’s brother. However, fans made the picture viral, saying that it was Rikishi in the picture with a bald head. This confused a lot of people, thus spreading misinformation. The Impact Knockout’s Champion cleared up the confusion that has been going around.


She posted a story and also tweeted about it, saying that it was Rikishi’s brother in the picture and not him. Fans were initially wondering if Rikishi had gone through a major transformation, but because of Fatu’s clarification, it was all settled. The fans are known to spread information without checking if there is any authenticity to it or not.

Snap from Trinity Fatu's Instagram Story
Snap from Trinity Fatu’s Instagram Story (via Fatu’s Instagram)

Trinity Fatu, f.k.a. Naomi, is married to Rikishi’s son, Jimmy Uso. Currently, the 37-year-old is at loggerheads with Roman Reigns, and also recently turned on his twin, Jey Uso. There has been a lot of turmoil around The Bloodline lately as Jey announced on the August 11 episode of SmackDown that he was leaving WWE.

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Rikishi rumored to get involved in the Jimmy vs. Jey feud

Jey and Jimmy Uso with their father Rikishi
Jey and Jimmy Uso with their father Rikishi (via Twitter)

The story of The Bloodline has arguably been one of the best feuds in recent memory. It single-handedly changed how fans saw professional wrestling in recent years. As the story now enters its final phase, the core members of the group are not standing opposite each other. At SummerSlam, when Jey Uso was fighting Roman Reigns in a tribal combat match, he was betrayed by Jimmy Uso, who cost him the match.

It is expected that the two brothers will now face off against each other at Payback, which is scheduled for September. However, to add more depth to the story, it was rumored that their father, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, would also get involved in the feud. It was rumored that he might be the special guest referee when his sons face off against each other.

This has left fans excited, as The Bloodline storyline has been a hit until this point, and fans will expect the same from The Usos. By looking at their performance in the last two years, it should be noted that the Usos have become one of the greatest tag teams ever, according to many fans and experts.


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