Triple H and Michael Cole had to usher away top star after situation got awkward backstage following CM Punk’s return: Reports

World Heavyweight Champion Rollins was pushed away by Michael Cole and Triple H to prevent a dangerous altercation.

Triple H and Michael Cole had to usher away top star after situation got awkward backstage following CM Punk’s return: Reports

Triple H, CM Punk, and Michael Cole (via WWE)

CM Punk’s return was exactly as it turned out to be: full of chaos. Wrestling fans all around the world are going wild and excited about what Punk’s next step is going to be. However, some WWE superstars were not happy with the decision. The top superstar in the conversation is the current world heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins.

When Punk made an appearance in the arena, Rollins was visibly very upset. The commentators, Michael Cole and Corey Graves, even had to hold him to prevent him from doing something dangerous. Now reports suggest that the architect was ushered away from the gorilla position by Cole and Triple H himself.


Many people who were present in that area felt the altercation was very awkward between them and that something was not right. But it could also very well be a work to set up a feud between Punk and Rollins in the future.

Fans know that they have shared a pretty intense past, as Punk was making things difficult when guys like him and Roman Reigns made their debut.

Punk has not reacted to this whole situation yet, but he certainly feels there is some animosity between him and Seth. Now that Punk is in WWE, he can have a rivalry with a whole new bunch of superstars, or possibly even with more experienced superstars like Seth and Randy Orton. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the next few weeks.


Dave Meltzer feels Seth Rollins and CM Punk’s angle was 100% an angle

Fans are constantly wondering whether the heated altercation between Seth Rollins and CM Punk after the Survivor Series was genuine or smart storyline work. Now, Dave Meltzer has an update on the situation.

Seth Rollins and CM Punk
Seth Rollins and CM Punk (via WWE)

As reported via WOR, Dave explained that the whole situation between the two top stars could simply be work. He further added that Seth lit the fire by taking shots at The Voice of the Voiceless and said he was cancer and should not come to WWE.

But later, he also acknowledged that if Punk does come back, he doesn’t have any problem working with him, implying that it could very well be a part of a long-term storyline.

That was 100% an angle. Playing off the fact that months ago, when somebody asked Seth Rollins, it's like 'He's a cancer, we don't want him', which later by the way, he said if the company wants him and it's the right thing, he doesn't have a problem with it. But because he made that statement, they figured they could do a 'shoot angle' with it and it makes sense.

If the rumors of this angle just work for the future match between these two on the biggest stage, fans could witness one of the greatest storylines and rivalries in the history of WWE.

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