Triple H confirms WWE Draft on SmackDown and explains why it will be bigger than ever this year

Amid all the positive and negative speculations regarding Triple H addressing the WWE Universe on SmackDown this week, The Game announced the official return of WWE Draft after next few weeks.

Triple H confirms WWE Draft on SmackDown and explains why it will be bigger than ever this year

Triple H announcing WWE Draft(via-WWE)

The Chief Content Officer (CCO) of WWE, Triple H, was set to address the WWE Universe on SmackDown this week, where he made the announcement of the Draft. Prior to that, The King of Kings also appeared on Raw this past week and addressed WWE’s deal with the Endeavour. Hunter assured fans that they are not going anywhere and everything will remain the same.


Following the announcement of Triple H‘s SmackDown appearance, fans were concerned about his possible farewell speech. With the reports of Vince McMahon’s heavy involvement in the creative department floating around. On SmackDown this Friday, The Game made his way to the ring with a thunderous ovation from the crowd, as his iconic King of King’s music played in the background.

Hunter began talking with the revelation of WrestleMania 39 breaking all the past records and becoming the biggest PLE in WWE history. However, he also acknowledged the fact that it’s time to look into the future following Mania. The CCO of WWE then announced the return of the WWE Draft in the forthcoming weeks as well.

He also assured the WWE Universe that this year’s Draft will be bigger than ever. With every superstar on the roster being eligible. Hunter concluded, “when it is all set and done, this year’s Draft will truly change The Game”. Hence, it remains to be seen what WWE has in store for the returning Draft this year.


Before leaving SmackDown after the Draft announcement, Triple H introduced the new SmackDown Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley. He also greeted and seemingly congratulated The Judgment Day group for their amazing run so far.

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What to expect from the WWE Draft following Triple H’s announcement?

Triple H SmackDown WWE Draft
Triple H, Roman Reigns, and Damage CTRL(via-UStoday news)

Since Triple H has officially announced the WWE Draft with every superstar eligible, fans have huge expectations as well. Although WWE has continued the brand split since the last Draft, superstars from Raw and SmackDown have been making random appearances on other shows.

The main reason for that being Roman Reigns carrying both World titles for over a year. With the Draft coming soon, fans will be hoping for each brand to have their own separate World titles. Hence, a brand new WWE title could be introduced or Roman could drop one of the titles as well.


Other than that, the incredibly talented superstars who are missing out on big opportunities could get a launching pad. Therefore, the just-unannounced WWE Draft 2023 is expected to be eventful and full of surprises.

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