UPDATE: Triple H eases some restrictions on “wrestlers”, superstars would now be able to say these words ON AIR

According to a report Triple H has eased some restrictions regarding usage of forbidden terms and also hinted on increased participation of divas.

Triple H

Ever since Triple H has taken over as the creative head of the company, the overall reaction to his work has been pleasing, to say the least. The Game, according to fans and many wrestling observers is doing a great job and is trying to bring back WWE to its original position where it used to be. While there are many significant changes that the fans can expect in the coming time, there are some small changes that have already been started reflected in the programming.

Summerslam and the following Raw were largely well perceived by fans as they said that it was after a long time that they got to see some real wrestling matches and not just entertainment. Now according to Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer, there have been some more changes with respect to the restriction put by the company on the usage of words like “wrestler” and “wrestling”.

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Triple H allows superstars to use words like “wrestler” and “wrestling”

Triple H
Triple H took charge as the creative head of the company when Vince McMahon announced his retirement in all capacities.

Earlier, WWE superstars were not allowed to use these terms on air, but reportedly now the superstars would be able to use these terms without any fear of violation of the code of conduct. Though superstars like CM Punk and Cody Rhodes have been using these terms but it was reported that the management had allowed them to use them due to their heel personas.

Cody Rhodes was also fined a 1000$ fine every time he uses a word that he is not allowed to say such as “titles” or “wrestlers”, but the American Nightmare accepted the punishment and said that he would still use the words. The overall reaction to the move was reported as positive and optimistic. The report also said the roster is pretty excited and calm under the management and is looking forward to what other changes the company brings under the new regime.

The report also mentioned that there will be more focus on the women’s division as well. This comes after when fans had appreciated Triple H for bringing back the likes of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY at Summerslam. Also, reports had said that WWE is in talks with Naomi and Sasha Banks to negotiate a contract. This clearly tells that Triple H is focusing on the women’s talent of the company as well and will give them the representation that has been long due for the women division in the company.

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