Triple H reveals that he regrets not having a feud with Former WWE Champion

Triple H, a 14-time world champion, admits that he wishes he had a rivalry with Rey Mysterio, a former WWE champion.

Triple H speaking at an event
Triple H speaking at an event

Triple H is doing a phenomenal Job as the Creative Head of WWE and the ratings of the shows are a proof of that. This past week’s SmackDown drew a strong viewership with an average 2.535 million viewers on FOX, which was 14.6% rise from the viewership of the previous week. The RAW viewership is also doing great with a 5.02% rise from last week. Triple H is giving what the fans want as he is working from a fan’s perspective.

Triple H has brought back many talents to the WWE and the current atmosphere in the company is what the wrestlers needed and they are happy to be part of the company. Triple H is praised for his business ethics due to his remarkable development of the NXT Brand and building new talents through his mentorship. Triple H has a high amount of experience of being a wrestler as well as he has established himself as a successful businessman over the years so he was the perfect man to manage the company after Vince McMahon.

The Cerebral assassin has had a great career as a wrestler and has accomplished everything in the company as a wrestler. He has fought and feuded with almost every best in the business during his time and even feuded with some of the best of this generation but recently during an interview with LadBible, he expressed regret over not feuding the WWE Legend Rey Mysterio in his career. The Game said that the feud with Mysterio never panned out as him and Mysterio were never present on a particular brand at the same time.

“I’ve thrown it out there a lot over the years of like, ‘Hey, what if Rey and I did something,’ But he was always on SmackDown [while] I was on Raw or vice versa. It just never panned out but he’s always a guy that I always thought ‘Man, I would have loved to have gone and done something big with him.”

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Triple H speaks about not having a WrestleMania Match against the WWE Legend

Triple H and the Rock
Triple H and the Rock

In the same interview, Triple H spoke about not having a WrestleMania moment with The Rock. He said that a Few years ago, The Rock had told him that he is ready for a fight at WrestleMania and that he has still got the ability to fight. Triple H said that they had shot a video for it and were ready to go with it but then the Rock’s movie career came in between and he had to change his plans. Triple H noted that the time was inconvenient and that he cannot pass up the other option.

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