Who attacked Lita backstage at WWE RAW before the Tag Team Championship match?

Before the Women's Tag Team Championship match at WWE RAW, Lita was attacked backstage. As a result, she was then replaced by Trish Stratus. But who attacked her?

Who attacked Lita backstage at WWE RAW before the Tag Team Championship match?

Becky Lynch and Lita(Image credits: WWE)

Monday Night RAW was nothing short of a whirlwind this week. It basically set the stage for a lot of storylines for Backlash and beyond. The biggest twist, however, was Trish Stratus turning on Becky Lynch and laying her out post-match.


As things were planned, Lita and Becky Lynch were set to defend their tag team titles against Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan on RAW. However, Lita got attacked backstage and was not able to compete in the match. As a result, she was then replaced by Trish Stratus. Eventually, it was Trish who ended up taking the pinfall.

After the loss, Lynch showed respect toward the Hall of Famer. However, Stratus was not in the mood for a friendly exchange. The former women’s champion attacked The Man and made it clear that she’s not interested in being a babyface.

After what happened backstage, several speculations about who attacked Lita caught fire. Before the beginning of the match, fans were assuming that it was Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan who attacked the former Women’s champion. However, considering the fact they are presented as babyfaces by WWE, it seems unlikely.


Attacking Lita beforehand would have also backfired for the challengers. Moreover, both women were interviewed backstage after the win and they were asked about it too. As expected, they insisted that they are unaware of what happened.

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Who benefits the most from attacking Lita?

Becky Lynch Lita and Trish Stratus
Lita, Trish Stratus, and Becky Lynch (via-Iqww)

With how things stand currently, it seems like the person who laid out Lita was none other than Trish Stratus. Hence, she has also fueled a feud with Becky Lynch, which adds weight to the statement.

After this week’s RAW, the possibility of Becky vs Trish at Backlash has sky-rocked. However, if The Man loses at the coming PLE, the feud can surely extend to SummerSlam or any other major PLE because Lita will also get involved.


Undoubtedly, all three women have been in the business for a long time and they also know how to put on iconic performances. Hence, their rivalry is highly likely to conclude at SummerSlam. However, what if Trish sides with Damage CTRL? The possibilities are only limited by the creative department.

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