WWE Superstar Carmella shares her pregnancy news with her stepchildren in heartwarming video

WWE Superstar and ex-Women's Champion made her fans emotional by sharing a wholesome video. The video showed her disclosing her pregnancy to her three stepchildren.

WWE Superstar Carmella shares her pregnancy news with her stepchildren in heartwarming video

Carmella with her step-children

WWE Superstar Carmella posted an emotional and heart-touching video on her Instagram account. The video showed Carmella revealing her pregnancy to her three stepchildren in a unique and creative manner.

Carmella has been dating WWE announcer Corey Graves since April 2019. They both tied the knot in April 2022. Before Carmella, Corey was married to Amy Schneider and had three kids with his ex-wife.


On 1st May 2023, it was revealed that Carmella was pregnant and was expecting her first child. The news had to be broken to Corey’s children too. The couple used a creative way to break the good news to the kids.

The video shows that Carmella has bought a pair of shoes as a gift for the children. They all seem pretty delighted with their surprises. However, the young girl finds a fourth pair in the shopping bag, and the good news becomes known to them.

This isn’t the first time that Carmella is expecting a baby. She had to face the pain of an unfortunate miscarriage last year. The news was broken on October 31 via her Instagram.


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History of Carmella and Corey Graves’ Relationship

Carmella And Corey Graves
Carmella And Corey Graves (Source: WWE)

Corey Graves joined WWE in 2011, but after a brief run in NXT, he had to forcefully retire due to medical reasons. Carmella joined the company during that same period, along with Enzo and Big Cass.

The Princess of Staten Island was in a relationship with Big Cass for some time. Meanwhile, Corey Graves was married to Amy Schneider. The couple even had three children. But in 2018, they started having problems in their relationship and got separated.


While Graves was in the midst of a divorce process with Amy, he and Carmella would gradually start liking each other. And finally got so attached that they got engaged in 2022 and finally married in April of the next year.

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