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WWE NXT Results: NXT Championship retained, Bronson Reed steps up to unexpected superstar, and more- 13 July 2021

The intense heat between the Karion Kross and Samoa Joe increases as NXT delivers another action-packed episode.

WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross retained his NXT Championship

The show started with Ember Moon looking for revenge after continuous distractions and attacks from Dakota Kai in previous events.

Here are the WWE NXT Results:

Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai

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Dakota Kai and Ember Moon started the show with a one-one-one match

The match started with Dakota Kai taking Moon down to the mat and delivering a big knee to her face. Moon fought back with a suicide dive and a rebound kick shocking the NXT Women’s Champion. The former NXT Women’s Champion then fought back with a suplex followed by a spinning kick and a step-up enziguiri to take her opponent down. Kai then delivered a couple of suplexes followed by a springboard crossbody for two close counts. Moon then got back in the game after delivering a super hurricarana for two counts. Ember Moon then delivered the go 2 kick and pinned Kai to pick the win.

Result: Ember Moon def Dakota Kai

After the match, Xia Li came out and stepped up to the Raquel Gonzalez teasing a match.

Tyler Rust vs Bobby Fish

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Bobby Fish had a rough night on NXT

Rust started the match with power strikes and established dominance over Bobby Fish. The former tag team champion fought back with an exploder suplex and got control over the match. Roderick Strong then distracted his former teammate allowing Rust take Fish down with a chop block. Rust then shot the half to get a quick victory over Fish.

Result: Tyler Rust def Bobby Fish

The Diamond Mine then looked on to attack Bobby Fish when Kushida came out and prevented the one-sided attack.

Gigi Dolin vs Sarray

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Mandy Rose appeared on NXT during a one-on-one match

The match started with Sarray getting the upper hand in the match with ease. Sarray dropped Dolin with a snapmare when Mandy Rose came out and had a closer look to the match. Sarray then locked the Muta lock on Dolin but the latter refused to submit. Sarray then delivered power strikes to Dolin. The latter then fought back with an STO but Sarray refused to give the upper hand to her. Sarray then delivered a couple of dropkicks followed by a Tazzplex to get the win.

Result: Sarray def Gigi Dolin

Dexter Lumis vs Santos Escobar

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Dexter Lumis trying take Santos Escobar into the darkness

The match started with Lumis delivering a clothesline to Escobar followed by the latter running to his friends. When he came back, Lumis went down the ring and almost pulled Escobar in the darkness. Santos then fought back with a double running knee followed by a hurricanrana to take Lumis down. He then continued the assault and delivered two amigos followed by a backstabber for two counts. Lumis then delivered uppercuts to Escobar followed by an attempt of the Silence but Wilde distracted him. Escobar then delivered the Phantom driver to pick the win.

Result: Santos Escobar def Dexter Lumis

NXT Breakout Tournament

Duke Hudson vs Ikemen Jiro

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NXT Breakout Tournament has started

Hudson used his big size to take Jiro down and then delibered a kick to the face of Jiro. He then delivered a double ax handle but ran into a series of power strikes by Jiro. He then locked the tarantula but Hudson came out of it and delivered a belly-to-belly suplex followed by an uppercut. After a series of power strikes, Hudson delivered a boss man slam to get the win.

Result: Duke Hudson def Ikemen Jiro

Backstage Pete Dunne was asked about the NXT Championship later when Dunne said it didn’t matter him. This led to Tommaso Ciampa, Oney Lorcan, and Timothy Thatcher coming and four-man brawl breaking out.

Robert Stone Brand vs Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

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A short but impactful tag team match was seen on NXT

The match started with Catanzaro losing momentum in the match with Aliyah and Jessi attacking her with frequent tags. She somehow tagged Carter who changed the picture of the match. She sent Jessi out of the ring and tagged Catanzaro. The two women delivered a neckbreaker and 450 splash combination to get the win.

Result: Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter def Robert Stone Brand

Adam Cole came out to address his victory over Kyle O’Rielly Great American Bash. He called Samoa Joe out and called him an overpaid security guard. He said nobody on the roster was able to go toe-to-toe with him when Bronson Reed came out. Reed said that Cole was great at manipulating people but he had nothing to lose. Reed then took Cole down when Samoa Joe came out.

Karrian Kross (c) vs Johnny Gargano (NXT Championship match with Samoa Joe as referee)

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Karrion Kross attacking Samoa Joe after the match

The match started with Kross delivering an exploder suplex followed by a German suplex to take the challenger down. Gargano fought back with a rolling senton but immediately ran into a big boot. The champion then delivered choke bomb to the challenger on the announce table. Both the men then got back into the ring where Kross went shoulder first into the ring post. Gargano then delivered a step-up enziguiri to the champion and then rocked him with a slingshot spear for two counts. The challenger the went for one final beat when Kross countered with a pair of suplexes and get two close counts.

Kross then attempted to deliver a powerslam but the challenger countered it into DDT for two counts. The champion then delivered a chokeslam to Gargano followed by the Kross jacket. Gargano somehow reached the ropes but Kross refused to break the hold. Joe picked him and launched him across the ring to break the submission hold. Kross then went to use the steps and put damage on the challenger but again Joe stopped him.

Gargano got back up and delivered one final beat to get two very close counts. Kross then fought ack with a doomsday forearm followed by the doomsday saito to get the win.

Result: Karrion Kross def Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT Campionship

After the match, Kross locked the Kross jacket on Joe leading to an intense ending to the show.

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