Riddle to face Raw Tag Team Champion Omos on the upcoming episode of WWE Raw

Raw Tag Team Champion Omos faces Riddle on the upcoming episode of WWE Raw.

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Riddle faces Omos on Raw

Raw Tag Team Champions Omos and AJ Styles have recently developed some dislike for “The Bro” Riddle. The duo attacked Riddle last week on Raw. This new rivalry began a couple of weeks ago when they faced off in a 6-man Tag Team match.

WWE recently announced that Riddle will be facing one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, on the upcoming episode of the Red-brand. Omos will go one-on-one against The Bro, and he will also have Styles by the ringside to provide some additional support.

Unfortunately, Riddle will be there all by himself. His partner from the RK-Bro team, Randy Orton, has been missing from WWE TV for unknown reasons. But this marks the perfect opportunity for Orton to make his return.

Omos and Styles could brutally attack Riddle, leading to the perfect opportunity for The Viper to make his return. Orton could just come in and deliver some RKO’s to get the crowd going. In fact, he is one of the few Superstars on the current roster who could convincingly take out the giant Omos.

Randy Orton’s return could provide much needed boost to the Raw Tag Team Championship scene

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When Omos and AJ Styles won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania 37, it seemed like WWE is finally trying something fresh. But unfortunately, they just disappeared from WWE TV for several weeks.

Since the Champions returned, they had no proper feud. Omos and Styles just had few matches with The New Day and the half-baked feud against The Viking Raiders. Inclusion of Riddle and Orton to the feud with add star-power to the titles and might even lead to a great title reign for RK-Bro.

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