WWE Smackdown Results – 16/10/2020 (Season Premiere, Two Championship Matches)

WWE Smackdown season premiere aired on 16th October 2020. There were 2 Championship matches, 1 contract signing and Daniel Bryan returned.

WWE Smackdown – Season Premiere

It is the season premiere of WWE Smackdown. The show kicked off with new intro and the entire Smackdown locker was on the ramp. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were in the ring. They welcome everyone to the premiere and provide a rundown on the matches coming up. The Universal Championship and the Smackdown Tag Team titles are on the line.

A fight breaks out involving the entire locker room. Smackdown roster brawled inside and outside the ring. Lars Sullivan enters and knocks down the Street Profits. He gets rid of Crews and Gable too. He attacks Kalisto too.  Hardy attacks Sullivan from behind as he goes outside the ring.  

Lars Sullivan def. Jeff Hardy

Lars Sullivan and Jeff Hardy

Lars Sullivan is introduced as the freak, prior to the match. Hardy was high flying in the match as he is known to be. But Sullivan kept retaliating with attacks. At one point Sullivan even caught Hardy mid-air and threw him onto the ring apron. Jeff even landed a Twist of Fate, but Sullivan remained on his feet. Sullivan hit a Freak Accident and covered Hardy for the win.

The New Day def. Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sheamus

The New Day

This is The New Day’s last night at Smackdown. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have been drafted to Raw, while Big E stays at Smackdown.  This was a very physical match. Kofi and Big E double teamed on Sheamus and rolled him up for the win. As the match ends, all 3 of them get emotional and embrace in the ring.  They did for one last time, in the only way they know and that’s because The New Day rocks.

Daniel Bryan returns

Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has returned to WWE Smackdown. This is first appearance at WWE Thunderdome. He believes there couldn’t be a better day to return than the season premiere. His wife and daughter are in virtual attendance too. He enlists people with whom he would love to wrestle – Kevin Owens, Apollo Crews, Aleister Black.

Seth Rollins interrupts. He mentions that Bryan forgot to mention Rollins. Smackdown’s best acquisition, Rollins the Redeemer. As they argue over Bryan joining Rollins, Rollins knocks down Bryan and leaves the ring.

The Mysterio father-son duo enter. Rollins runs back to the ring and asks Bryan for help. Bryan leaves the ring. Murphy enters the ring and attacks Rollins. He offers his hand to the Mysterios but they leave. It seems like the Rollins-Mysterios storyline is coming to an end, which is great. Rollins and Bryan may soon be involved in a fresh feud.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship – The Street Profits vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (No Contest)

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode with The Street Profits

Montez Ford was completely dominating Roode, when Ziggler entered and attacked him. The refree called for the bell, and the match ended in a no contest. Even after the beel, they brawled outside the ring. A rematch is likely at Hell in a Cell.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship contract signing

Bayley and Sasha Banks

WWE Smackdown Women Champion, Bayley is in the ring with Sasha Banks. Banks quickly signs the contract. They argue over how the other is responsible for their break up. Bayley gets angry and leaves the ring. She didn’t sign the contract.

WWE Universal Championship Match – Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman

This was a very physical match. The action continued inside as well as outside the ring. But the point that stood out in the match was Reigns’ new submission hold. Reigns held a guillotine on Strowman, which led him to tap out.

Jey Uso, walked out to the ring after the match. Reigns continued attacking Strowman with the steel chair. He says to Uso, that this would be happening to him at Hell in a Cell. Uso attacked Reigns with a super kick and then the steel chair. Official tried to stop him as Reigns hits a Superman Punch and the show ends.

Reigns and Uso will be facing each other for the WWE Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell in a “I Quit” match. The PPV airs on 25th October, 2020.

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