Another real-life Bloodline member expresses desire to join WWE, doesn’t want to ‘break the cycle’ by joining AEW

Zilla Fatu does not want to be the first member of his family to join AEW.

Another real-life Bloodline member expresses desire to join WWE, doesn’t want to ‘break the cycle’ by joining AEW

The Bloodline (via WWE)

The Bloodline story has entered its next chapter, with Solo Sikoa seemingly taking over the helm. Now, with Roman Reigns and The Rock both on a hiatus from the WWE, the Tribal Heir seems to be building up his own faction. Also interested in being part of this storyline is real-life Bloodline member, Zilla Fatu.


In an interview with Joey Franchize, the son of Umaga was asked about his preference between joining WWE or AEW. The superstar responded by siding with the Stamford-based promotion. Furthermore, he called it his main goal.

He brought up the long history his family had with the WWE. Fatu did not want to break that cycle. He did not want to be the first Anoa’i or Fatu to join AEW. However, the decision had to make sense for him because everybody’s journey was different.

My family got a long history with WWE. So at the same time, I don’t want to be the first Fatu or Anoaʻi to go to AEW. I don’t want to break that cycle.
Zilla Fatu via Joey Franchize

He claimed that his story was much different from Solo Sikoa’s, The Usos’, Roman Reigns’, and Jacob Fatu‘s. He asserted that his story had a whole other chapter yet to come. Currently, he was sitting on another side of the table, he said while laughing.


Zilla Fatu talks about being a part of the real-life Bloodline

In the same interview, Zilla Fatu was asked how it felt to be a member of the real-life Bloodline. He felt that it was a positive experience and was happy to be a part of the family. He was thankful that several members of his family came before him. He took several names, like Afa and Sika, Jimmy Snuka, and Peter Maivia.

Zilla Fatu
Zilla Fatu (via Reality of Wrestling)

Fatu claimed that these people laid the foundation for his family. Eventually, The Rock, Rikishi, and Yokozuna took things to the next level. Furthermore, Roman Reigns, The Usos, and the Bloodline story amplified things even more.

Fatu considered wrestling to be a family business for him. He felt happy and blessed to be a part of it. The young superstar asserted that it was his turn next, being the up-and-comer. He is in the Indies at the moment and was in no rush to be signed by a company.

This conversation came about two successive debuts from the Anoa’i family in WWE. Tama Tonga debuted shortly on SmackDown after WrestleMania XL to be Solo’s right-hand man in the new bloodline. Additionally, Tonga Loa also joined the WWE and helped The Bloodline win a match at Backlash France.


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