What is the cause of Tori Bowie’s sudden death?

In April, the US Olympic champion Tori Bowie passed away at a young age of 32.

What is the cause of Tori Bowie’s sudden death?

Tori Bowie (Image via SI)

The United States track and field star Tori Bowie, who won multiple Olympic medals back in 2016, passed away at age 32 in April 2023. An Olympic and World Champion, Bowie was found dead at her home on May 2 in Florida by the local Sheriff’s department after the authorities were called to perform a welfare check on her.

She hadn’t been seen or heard from for a few days, which led to local authorities checking on her. Bowie’s sudden demise at a young age shocked a lot of people. Police didn’t suspect any foul play in her death, but the cause of death wasn’t provided at the time. Bowie’s family cited mental health struggles as an apparent cause of her death.


And now, more than a month after Bowie’s tragic death, the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office estimates that Tori Bowie died from complications of childbirth. According to the autopsy report, Bowie was 8 months pregnant and was going through active labor at the time of her death.

USA Today reported Bowie might have experienced respiratory distress and eclampsia, which commonly happens during a sudden spike in blood pressure in pregnant women, which could lead to the person experiencing seizures and strokes.

Tori Bowie won 3 medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze, one each) in the 2016 Rio Olympics and won Gold Medal in the 2017 World Championships 100m event. She attended the University of Southern Mississippi and was a 2-time NCAA long-time champion.


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Tori Bowie’s sudden death has raised questions about the safety of pregnant Black women

Tori Bowie Getty Images
Tori Bowie (Image via Getty Images)

The US Track and Field star Tori Bowie’s tragic death due to complications from childbirth has put her fans and friends in a dire situation. In the wake of the renowned athlete’s tragic loss, the Black Entertainment Network addressed the struggle Black women in the United States face during childbirth.

“Black women die at exceedingly higher rates due to pregnancy-related complications,” BET wrote on its Twitter account. “We face a much higher risk of maternal death due to various reasons including chronic stress and implicit bias from health care providers. There is so much work to be done to properly protect and advocate for Black women’s health.”


According to reports, Black women have a higher mortality rate during pregnancy in the United States. They are three times more likely to suffer a pregnancy-related death than white or Hispanic women reports The Washington Post.

Several Olympic athletes, including Shelly-Ann Fraser Prycehave paid tribute to Tori Bowie following her untimely death. Furthermore, Max Siegel, CEO of the USA Track and Field also shared his condolences. There were many rumors about Bowie’s sudden demise, but the autopsy results have cleared the speculations.

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