“Breasts, vag*na, music, and alcohol,” $450 million man Floyd Mayweather reveals REAL reason behind getting into strip club business

The TBE Floyd Mayweather revealed why he got involved in the strip club business.

“Breasts, vag*na, music, and alcohol,” $450 million man Floyd Mayweather reveals REAL reason behind getting into strip club business

Floyd Mayweather at his strip club (image credit- Page Six)

Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest names in boxing today. According to Forbes, he has earned $1.33 billion in his career, making him the highest-paid boxer in the history of the sport. Furthermore, with hard work and determination, he has amassed a $400 million net worth from his boxing career and other business endeavors.


In addition to his boxing promotion company, “Mayweather Promotions,” and his clothing company, “TMT,” he owns several other businesses. One of his most famous and controversial ventures is his Las Vegas strip club, ‘Girl Collection’. Floyd Mayweather has promoted his strip club under the brand “The Girl Collection Experience,” creating an entertainment experience around the club.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Mayweather revealed the reason behind his involvement in the strip club business. Subsequently, Mayweather stated:

I got into the business because I know that the breasts, v*gina, music, and alcohol will never go out of style.

Hence, Mayweather got into the strip club business because he knew it was a lucrative business venture. Furthermore, Mayweather knew that it was something that would never die out or become irrelevant. Regardless, every single business venture that Mayweather has gotten involved in has been solely for profit reasons.


Mayweather’s success started with his boxing career, which started two decades ago. However, Mayweather continues to expand his fortune by getting involved in ventures like real estate, merchandise, the weed business, etc.

Floyd Mayweather’s camos in movies  

Mayweather is known for having a ton of different businesses and making a lot of money. He’s involved in NASCAR, boxing exhibition fighting, and adult clubs, to name a few. Subsequently, Mayweather’s fame has also led him to the movies, and he’s already been in a few.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (image credit- IMAGO)

The movie ‘Thinks Like a Man Too’ follows Kevin Hart‘s character and a bunch of his buddies as they go to a bachelor party in Las Vegas. They’re on a road trip on the day before the groom’s wedding when they run into Money and his bodyguards. Moreover, Mayweather was also a character in a 2017 crime drama called ‘When Love Kills’.

It’s about Falicia, a 16-year-old girl who started working in a strip club and fell into a cycle of crime. In this movie, Mayweather played a character named Punch, who was one of the people who came to the club.


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