Floyd Mayweather’s low blow leads to a brutal buzzer-beating TKO over Mikuru Asakura

Watch how the anticipated exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura was going greats for the Mixed MArtial Artists until it really wasn't.

Floyd Mayweather x Mikuru Asakura
Mayweather managed to walk out with upwards of $9 million to fight for 6 minutes

The exhibition between Floyd Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura ended like most expect such fights to end, with a knockout. However expect to see a lot of debate among the boxing community in the coming days as it was likely a low blow that led to the sequence ending in a KO.

Mayweather and Asakura were scheduled to go 3 rounds in exhibition boxing. Many were skeptical of the legitimacy of the bout since the last time the former boxer fought in association with RIZIN, we saw Tenshin Nasukawa being comically tossed around the ring leading many to suspect the fight was rigged.

However, the two-round fight saw the most adversity that Mayweather has faced since he faced Adrien Broner. Both fighters exchanged decent body shots in the first and started going for the head the entire second round. While Floyd had Asakura cornered in the second, he managed to walk through Mayweather’s offerings to deliver some of his own.

With less than 20 seconds left, Floyd looking for another body shot dipped too low and seemingly hit Asakura below the belt, with the kickboxer protesting. However, the referee allowed the fight to continue due to the round ended in a few seconds. It was here that Floyd connected with his final combination and sent Asakura crashing to the canvas right as the round ending bell rang.

The referee gave Asukara a chance to beat the count but had to call off the fight.

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What’s next for Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather x Mikuru Asakura
Asakura lands a jab on to a charging ,Mayweather

This was Mayweather’s 4th exhibition fight since his retirement in 2017. The second he’s won by TKO, with the first also coming under the RIZIN banner. Mayweather has said he wishes to keep accepting similar fights and earn easy paychecks “without getting hurt”

Mayweather has expressed interest in a rematch against Conor McGregor as he feels his punching power is not a threat to him, however, the Notorious One has explicitly denied the offer.

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The former multi-divisional champion has also stated that he’d be accepting more fights against YouTubers and other social media personalities. His biggest exhibition bout came against Logan Paul in June of 2021.

He’s scheduled to face Deji Olatunji in his next exhibition fight, targeted for November in Dubai

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