“Strong man in criminal perspective,” Mike Tyson gives brutally honest thoughts on Andrew Tate’s influence on young generation

On the PBD podcast, Mike Tyson spoke about the leader of the manosphere, Andrew Tate, and talked extensively about the notion of strong men.

“Strong man in criminal perspective,” Mike Tyson gives brutally honest thoughts on Andrew Tate’s influence on young generation

Mike Tyson gives his thoughts on Andrew Tate (Image Sources - Hindustan Times/People)

Controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate had a rise to fame unlike any other. His misogynistic and homophobic rants on social media platforms have garnered immense popularity for the fighter. A large and supportive fanbase gets behind the messages he spews. In an unexpected turn of events, the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson spoke about Tate.

Disregarding misogyny, Andrew Tate firmly advocates for the necessity of strong men in our society. He believes in men’s strength leading to the betterment of society. These statements have received a lot of backlash from netizens alike. On the other hand, Mike Tyson gave his thoughts on the controversial figure.


On the ‘PBD podcast,’ Mike Tyson was asked about the role of a strong man in a young boy’s life. He answered, “We have to think about what perception of a strong man. He could be a strong man in a criminal perspective. That could be the strongest identity that he sees. So, he can go off on that level of crime as well.” When asked about Andrew Tate’s influence on young boys, Tyson said, “You see this on Kevin Samuels, you see this on Andrew Tate, it’s just confrontational.

Tyson continued, “Confrontation sells. And, we aren’t gonna stop this confrontation. This is going to become an era so we can continue to make money.” The former heavyweight champion is a popular figure in the manosphere. Like Andrew Tate, his influence on young men has been immense.

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Mike Tyson gives his thoughts on real masculinity

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Mike Tyson (Image Source – DW)

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson had a masculine presence during his prime days. The fighter’s rags-to-riches story was considered an inspiring road for aspiring fighters. In an interview, a young and fired-up Tyson reveals his expertise on the definition of masculinity.

We don’t back down from anyone. That’s what got me in trouble. I don’t play games. I don’t kiss anyone’s a**. And, I’m a real man,” said a young Tyson. He continued, “Regardless of being a fighter or anything, I’m a man. And, that’s why I want to be a man. If I die, I want to die a man. I don’t wanna die a b**** or a little f****** poodle in the street.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson touched on boxing promoters and their mistreatment of fighters. Tyson said, “Like they treat most fighters. Fighters get abused by these guys. And, fighters still talk to these guys like nothing happened. Next time somebody abused me, I’m gonna do something very bad to them,” said Tyson referencing promoter Don King. Tyson and King had legal disputes over the years.


The former heavyweight champion of the world is considered the most intimidating fighter in boxing. Opponents feared his knockout power and explosive movements inside the boxing ring.

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