Kick Streamer Adin Ross rumoured to perform at 2024 Super Bowl headliner alongside Kanye West

Adin Ross might do the unthinkable and break the anti-semitic rumours of Kanye

Kick Streamer Adin Ross rumoured to perform at 2024 Super Bowl headliner alongside Kanye West

Adin Ross and Kanye West (Image via: celebs)

Adin Ross and Kanye West happen to be trending at the moment. Rumours of the two have once again bubbled up, as sources reveal they might headline the 2024 Super Bowl. Despite being on different ends of the entertainment world, this would not be the first time both megastars have crossed paths. However, one thing both can relate to is being attached to controversy.


Kanye West, the king of hip hop as known by many, has had his fair share of controversy. In fact probably one of the most hated rappers in the industry as the megastar once even ran for presidency. His main notable one would probably be the time when he commented “I love Hitler”. This had headlined him and Adin wanted to interview him as he was being banned from almost all social platforms.

However, that interview never aired. Adin Ross on the other hand very recently had been headlining for his own drama. His fallout with Charleston White had stirred the streaming space as anti-Semitic comments were made, to the point where Adin Ross even confirmed he would not allow Charleston to join the Kick space and even wanted to counter-sue him.

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Adin Ross to perform at Super Bowl 2024

Adin Ross and Kanye West said to headline Super Bowl 2024

It all stemmed from Twitter from a user called (@AdinUpdate). This fan page had taken to Twitter to announce on August 27th the wild news. The shocking news was hard to grasp, as the internet had seen tensions between Adin and Kanye before. However, the tweet was captioned “Kanye West is rumoured to be a 2024 Super Bowl headliner alongside Adin Ross” and fans were buzzing at the news.

Despite the excitement created, many fans were trolling the page with comments like “Source: trust me bro”. No official announcements have been made from either Adin or Kanye, however (@AdinUpdates) is known to be a trusted source that updates netizens on the latest Adin Ross-related news. This linkup however, if true, would break the internet as it would relieve Kanye from speculations of his hate towards the Jewish community.

Adin Ross had been killing it with streams lately. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he happens to actually linkup with Kanye, as he has been streaming IRL with the biggest names recently such as Ryan Garcia, Floyd Mayweather, Fousey and many more.

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