Who is Jason in GTA 6? Everything you need to know

See who Jason is in GTA 6 and how he resembles abilities from Red Dead Redemption 2 Character!

Who is Jason in GTA 6? Everything you need to know

Discussion surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 has exploded, thanks to Rockstar Game revealing the first trailer. Fans are deeply excited to finally know some official information about the anticipated title. Also, the trailer clears up the setting and protagonists of the upcoming project. One of the most crucial things that fans want to know more about is the major characters in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Fans finally got a good look at the two main protagonists, Jason and Lucia. The Trailer already revealed a lot about both of them. From Car Chase to robbing acts, the couple looks to take over the Vice City by storm. There’s plenty to discuss on how they both can take the storyline into different dangers.


So let’s take a look at the identity of Jason in GTA 6.

Jason in GTA 6 Jason: Who Is He?

While there has been no source for many of the current theories about Grand Theft Auto 6. Many of them have also been influenced by the leaks that the game was subject to in September 2022. Fans got the clarity that the name of the main character is going to be Jason quite early.

Jason GTA 6
Jason in GTA 6(Image via Rockstar Games)

According to some more speculations, actor Bryan Zampella, who has been dropping numerous clues on social media about his role in Grand Theft Auto 6, would play Jason. Who is said to be a rather young man? Jason will be a part of a bigger gang and enjoy recreational activities like fishing and ATV driving. Which will probably influence the in-game options in Grand Theft Auto 6.


According to the leaks, Jason possesses a particular talent similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s Eagle Eye vision. Which allows him to partially see through objects and concentrate on what’s vital. However, this was not featured in the trailer.

The trailer unexpectedly surfaced on social media before its official release. Rockstar quickly acknowledged the leak and released the official version along with the press release. Many responses to the trailer from the gaming industry have already been compiled. Now fans just have to wait 1 and half year more to finally enjoy the GTA 6.

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