Fred Vasseur claims he won’t ask Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc to be ‘best friends’ at Ferrari

Fred Vasseur believes that he won't force Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc to form a friendly relationship at Ferrari.

Fred Vasseur claims he won’t ask Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc to be ‘best friends’ at Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton (L), Charles Leclerc (R), Fred Vasseur (C) (images via IMAGO).

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc will be paired up at Ferrari in the coming season. The two drivers will create one of the strongest driver lineups on the grid. Both Hamilton and Leclerc are great in their respective elements and would surely provide great racing action. However, Fred Vasseur made it clear that he won’t force the two drivers to be ‘best friends’ with each other.


Lewis Hamilton‘s shock switch to Ferrari will oust Carlos Sainz in the coming season. Hence, Charles Leclerc will have to go against one of the greatest, if not the greatest driver in the history of F1. Fred Vasseur reckoned that he wouldn’t ask his drivers to be best friends or go on a vacation together. The team principal didn’t need to resort to such methods to make the colleagues work better.

I never ask my pilots to be best friends or to go on vacation together, I don't do it with my colleagues to work better.
Fred Vasseur told Italian media La Repubblica.

The 55-year-old highlighted that Hamilton and Leclerc needed to have a ‘frank relationship’ with each other. The two should have mutual respect for each other on and off the grid as drivers of the highest order. Vasseur felt that this factor was clear between the two and wouldn’t be a problem. Hence, time will tell about how this promising-looking lineup fares out for the Italian constructor.

You only need to have a frank relationship and full of mutual respect, I think that between the two of you this is clear, I don't see clouds in the sky.
Fred Vasseur noted.

Fred Vasseur claims Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc have started to ‘get closer’ already

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc aren’t often seen clashing heads on the Formula 1 grid. However, both drivers are equally desperate to score better results than one another. Hence, the two would be providing great racing action to come over one another at Ferrari. Regardless of this factor, Vasseur claims that the two have already started forming a bond.

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc
Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc (Via: Imago)

According to the team principal, Lewis Hamilton, and Leclerc had started to get closer after the former’s announcement to join Ferrari. Additionally, Vasseur joked that the past two months were like a ‘training period’ like a honeymoon. Hence, so far everything was fine between the two drivers who would soon race each other for reds.

They have already started to get a little closer in these last two months, it is a training period like a honeymoon. I would say that so far everything is fine.
Fred Vasseur concluded.

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t been provided with the best challenger since the ground-effect era. Hence, multiple people think that Leclerc would overcome the seven-time world champion at Ferrari. Regardless, the 39-year-old would soon return to his winning ways with the help of the Italian constructor. For now, the Briton will focus on ending the season on a high with Brackley.

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