Lawrence Stroll Net Worth in 2024: How Much

In this article, find out all about Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll and his businesses and net worth.

Lawrence Stroll Net Worth in 2024: How Much

Lawrence Stroll

NameLawrence Stroll
OccupationEntrepreneur, Investor
Net Worth$2.9 Billion
Marital StatusMarried
ResidenceGeneva, Switzerland

Last Updated: December 29, 2023

Lawrence Stroll has become a recognizable figure in the Formula 1 paddock. Lawrence however, is also a major name on global forums. The Canadian is a successful businessperson, investor and entrepreneur with a host of companies under his belt. Most notably, Stroll’s skills helped boost the American fashion brand Michael Kors. A major portion of Lawrence’s immense wealth comes from the shares of this fashion giant, which the 63-year-old sold in 2014.

Lawrence first started his journey in F1 after ensuring his son Lance Stroll’s seat on the Williams F1 team in 2017. Stroll provided Williams with much-needed funds in exchange for Lance’s seat in the team. From the start, Stroll had stated his desire to invest in the British team and eventually be a part of the decision-making process. Unfortunately, the Williams family declined his offer which soured the relations between the two.

Lawrence Stroll has rejuvenated the iconic British carmaker, Aston Martin

Thus, when Force India went into administration mid-way through 2018, Lawrence Stroll led a group of investors and acquired the team. According to Forbes, the investors paid over $107 Million along with an assumption of just under $18 Million of debt. Presently in 2024, this outfit is known as the Aston Martin F1 team. It is currently under a five-year plan to challenge for victories in F1. Stroll has also spent millions on the team’s new state-of-the-art F1 factory near its current base in a bid to improve the team’s performance.

Lawrence Stroll Net Worth

Lawrence is one of the richest individuals in the F1 paddock. The Canadian was 1012 on the 2022 Forbes List of Billionaires, with a net worth of $2.9 Billion. Stroll earned incredible riches working alongside business partner and Hong Kong tycoon, Silas Chou. The pair became the masters of the Canadian fashion industry. Lawrence garnered success by bringing Ralph Lauren to his home country before expanding the brand across Europe.

Lawrence Stroll (via Twitter)

To this day, Stroll’s investments bring in billions of dollars every year. Lawrence and Silas acquired Tommy Hilfiger and made it one of the biggest fashion icons globally. Today, Capri Holdings, the holding company owned by the pair, owns several iconic brands such as Jimmy Choo and Versace. The Canadian also owns the rights for Circuit Mont Tremblant in Canada. Thus, the 64-year-old is not short of a variety of income sources.

Lawrence Stroll Endorsements

Lawrence Stroll is the true definition of a blue-blooded businessman whose shrewd investing senses have made him billions. Thus, he does not endorse any brand or company that does not fall under his own business empire.

Lawrence Stroll F1 investments in Businesses

As discussed previously, Lawrence shelled out millions of dollars to have his son Lance Stroll race at Williams. Before spending over $100 million on buying out Force India. But in 2020, Stroll and a group of partners acquired a 16.7% stake in the British Automaker Aston Martin for a whopping $235.6 Million. This allowed the Silverstone-based F1 team to be renamed as the Aston Martin F1 team for 2021.

Stroll has invested millions in rebuilding the Silverstone-based F1 team (via Twitter)

Since then, Stroll has not been afraid of spending more money on improving the team’s prospects. Lawrence signed four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel for the 2021 F1 season on a huge paycheck. The Canadian has poured millions into the infrastructure of the F1 team. With a much larger and more advanced factory putting Aston Martin F1 on par with the big teams of the sport. Lawrence signed Fernando Alonso to replace the now-retired Vettel. A world champion in place of a world champion, a testament to Stroll’s F1 ambitions.

Lawrence Stroll Investments in House/Real Estate

Stroll owns a private island in the Caribbean along with multi-million dollar homes in London, Mustique Mont Tremblant, and Westmount. These luxurious houses allow the Canadian to rest calmly before heading off to hectic meetings.

The Faith superyacht is now said to be owned by Nicholas Latifi (via Twitter)

Lawrence is also a fan of yachts, earlier having owned a superyacht worth over $200 Million named Faith. However, now Stroll has reportedly sold this beast and has a new 80-foot-long yacht in the making.

Lawrence Stroll Car Collection

Lawrence’s love for cars and racing is not just limited to F1. The Canadian billionaire owns a garage enough to make any car enthusiast jealous. It is estimated that Stroll’s car collection is worth at least $140 Million. Lawrence is an avid lover of Ferraris and is rumored to possess over 30 of these Italian sportscars. The most expensive Ferrari in his collection is the Ferrari GTO 250, currently valued at over $50 Million.

The Canadian’s car collection is one of the finest in the world (via Google Images)

Stroll even paid a staggering $27.5 Million in 2013 for a 1967 Ferrari GTB N.A.R.T. The LaFerrari also makes an appearance in this exuberant garage. Apart from the Prancing Horse, Lawrence is a proud owner of several McLarens and even a Ford GT. Of course, now the Canadian is even more fond of Aston Martins, a company under his direction. The 63-year-old can drive these cars at will on his private race track, the Circuit Mont Tremblant.

Lawrence Stroll Watches

Lawrence Stroll has been reported to have sported a gorgeous Rolex Daytona Ref.116519LN at the Australian GP in 2023 by Time & Tide. They have also claimed that the watch costs about a whopping $29,000.

Lawrence Stroll Wife and Raquel Diniz

Lawrence Stroll was first married to fashion entrepreneur Claire-Ann Callens. The couple gave birth to two kids, Lance and Chloe. However, this marriage did not last as the two separated a few years ago. Currently, Stroll is married to a Brazilian fashion designer, Raquel Diniz. Diniz’s net worth cannot be calculated as she is set to get a sizeable inheritance from her husband Lawrence.

Lawrence had a second marriage recently and now is husband to Raquel Diniz (via Imago)

Surprisingly, Diniz is much younger than her husband. Raquel is 27 years younger than Stroll. However, love is love and we hope this couple spends some great years together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lawrence Stroll’s Net Worth?

Lawrence Stroll’s Net Worth is $2.9 Million in 2024.

Is Lawrence Stroll Married?

Yes, Lawrence Stroll is married to Raquel Diniz. Previously Stroll was married to Claire-Ann Callens.

Who is Lawrence Stroll’s Wife?

Brazilian fashion designer, Raquel Diniz is married to Lawrence Stroll.

How old is Lawrence Stroll?

Lawrence Stroll was born on July 11, 1859, and is 64 years old.

Where is the residence of Lawrence Stroll?

Lawrence Stroll resides in the city of Geneva in Switzerland.

Where was Lawrence Stroll born?

Lawrence Stroll was born in Montreal, Canada.

What is the nationality of Lawrence Stroll?

Lawrence Stroll is a Canadian citizen.

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