Max Verstappen claims he appreciates ‘nice guy’ Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen claimed that he and Fernando Alonso were the first to make it big in F1 from their respective countries.

Max Verstappen claims he appreciates ‘nice guy’ Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso (images via IMAGO)

Since the start of the 2024 season, Max Verstappen has won six races and finished in the top 5 twice, which is below his last season’s performance. The Dutch driver struggled to beat Charles Leclerc in Monaco but won the race in Montreal last weekend despite many challenges. Now, Verstappen has expressed his appreciation for two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

In a post-race interview at the Canadian GP, the three-time world champion praised Fernando Alonso for the Spaniard’s achievements over the years. Verstappen further appreciated how good a human being Alonso is. Moreover, Max Verstappen noted that 42-year-old was always happy when another driver does well.

Fernando has always been himself, which I really appreciate a lot. Even though all the success he’s had, he’s a real racer and a normal, nice guy. I really appreciate something like that. He’s also generally happy when another driver does well.
Max Verstappen said

The Dutchman also mentioned that Alonso, as a Spaniard, made F1 big in their country and became the first Spanish driver to achieve this. Max Verstappen claimed that similarly, he was the first driver from Holland to win the F1 world championship.

I think also from his side he was the real first Spanish driver to make F1 big, and be a champion. For me a bit the same in Holland.
Max Verstappen stated

Max Verstappen jokes that Fernando Alonso loves F1 more than him

The Dutchman made some jokes during the interview, stating that his love for racing was similar to Alonso’s passion for the sport. However, the three-time world champion reckoned that Fernando Alonso loved the sport more considering that the Spanish driver is still racing at the age of 42.

He loves racing, I love racing - he probably loves racing a little bit more than I do, still being in F1 at his age! 
Max Verstappen joked
Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen
Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen further expressed his respect for the Spaniard for being in F1 for so long. The 26-year-old recalled his karting days when he used to look up to Fernando Alonso and consider the two-time world champion as the ‘racing driver.’

I have a lot of respect for him, I remember when I was in go-karting watching him, he was always a driver where you're like: ‘Yeah, he can race.'
Max Verstappen concluded

Certainly, Max Verstappen holds immense respect for the 42-year-old. The three-time world champion has had the privilege to race alongside his childhood hero over the years and the two drivers share a strong bond. Fans would be looking forward to seeing more moments between Verstappen and Alonso in the coming weeks.

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