Alex Albon brands 2023 as the ‘strongest’ season of his F1 career 

Alex Albon had a great season for Williams, securing P7 in the WCC for them while scoring 96.4% of the points scored by the team.

Alex Albon brands 2023 as the ‘strongest’ season of his F1 career 

Alex Albon (via IMAGO)

Alexander Albon had a brilliant season of F1 in his 2023 campaign, with consistent performances throughout the season. Albon was instrumental and the main factor behind Williams securing P7 in the Championship for a hefty budget increase for 2024.

Albon scored 27 of the 28 points in the season, assuming the team leader position as rookie Logan Sargeant had a learning year in 2023. Albon utilized the slight advantages of the car such as its straight-line speed to accrue valuable points and claimed the 2023 season was the best-ever performance for the Thai-British driver.

I'm very proud of my performance. I'm not the most arrogant person I would say, but I will give myself credit, I feel like I've had a very strong season. For me, it's been my strongest year in F1. That connection that I have with the team has really helped that.
Albon said, as reported by

Williams team principal James Vowles assumed his position in the team after departing from Mercedes and has gotten along very well with Albon and his teammate Sargeant. Vowels’ leadership and Albon’s experience with the team have helped Williams take their first step to return to glory.

Alex Albon claims he was a better teammate to Max Verstappen than Sergio Perez is

Sergio Perez had an extremely inconsistent and wavering season in 2023, losing a record-breaking amount of ground to Max Verstappen. With 290 points between the two, Perez could win only two races the whole year and had very infrequent good performances for a lot of the season, which put his Red Bull seat under scrutiny. 

Alex Albon and Sergio Perez
Alex Albon (Credits: and Sergio Perez (Credits: Essentially Sports)

Someone who has formerly occupied that seat is Alex Albon, who replaced Pierre Gasly in 2019 at Red Bull to partner Max Verstappen. Albon was never near to Verstappen in terms of performance, partly due to his inexperience in the pinnacle of motorsport. However, even with these shortcomings, Albon claims that he was a better teammate than Perez, due to the extremely large gap between the Red Bull drivers.

But the gap between Max was actually in most cases bigger than it was when I was Max's teammate. So he's a replacement to me, but people shouldn't discredit as much of a bad year as it was. I was still, in reflection, better than the two previous teammates.
Albon said, as reported by racingnews365

Alex Albon currently has a drive at Williams, where he has harbored and nurtured his racing talent, improving drastically and taking charge. By outperforming his past two teammates on the British team in a dominant fashion, Alex Albon hopes to pilot a better vehicle in the coming years to further his results.

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