Aston Martin blames AMR23 for Lance Stroll’s woes, claims he’s ‘doing nothing wrong’

Lance Stroll has struggled with quite a few issues during the 2023 F1 season.

Aston Martin blames AMR23 for Lance Stroll’s woes, claims he’s ‘doing nothing wrong’

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll (Via IMAGO)

The Aston Martin Formula 1 team has had a fascinating 2023 season for several reasons. From Fernando Alonso‘s charge to Lance Stroll‘s incessant woes, the team has had an interesting run. While Stroll has struggled, Aston Martin has claimed that he has done nothing wrong on his part.

Aston Martin is of the opinion that they have not been able to provide Lance Stroll with the best package in terms of balance, etc, during Grand Prix weekends. Moreover, feels that his wrist injury at the start of the campaign really put him on the back foot in comparison to his 2-time world champion teammate.


While talking about Lance Stroll’s 2023 campaign recently, Aston’s performance director, Tom McCullough, made it clear that the Silverstone-based team does not see Stroll as an issue but rather feels they have not delivered on their end.

Lance we obviously know well, we’ve known him for the last few seasons. He was really on the back foot at the start of the year. When the car was competitive, he was scoring the points. There’s been quite a few circumstances again recently. In Suzuka, we had a rear wing failure – nothing he’s doing wrong.
McCullough said, as reported by LWOS.

Lance Stroll had a positive outing during the Brazilian GP

While Aston Martin feels they have let Lance Stroll down, the Canadian driver had an extremely positive outing during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. He was at ease behind the wheel of the AMR23 from the very beginning and was able to showcase his racing skills.

Lawrence Stroll and Lance Stroll
Lawrence Stroll and Lance Stroll (Via IMAGO)

At the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace F1 circuit, Stroll managed to put his car through the absolute wringer and score a brilliant fifth-place finish. Keeping this in view, Stroll will go into the upcoming two race weekends high on confidence and would look to end his campaign on a strong note.


Lance Stroll had a lot of negative energy surrounding him until recently, but with his Brazil outing, it has pretty much evaporated into thin air. The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend is just a few days away, and Stroll would have quite a few eyes on his AMR23 at the Las Vegas circuit.

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