WATCH: Esteban Ocon labels Fernando Alonso a “f****ng idiot” for tangling with him at the Brazilian GP Sprint Shootout

Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso had a were straining relationship as teammates in 2022.

WATCH: Esteban Ocon labels Fernando Alonso a “f****ng idiot” for tangling with him at the Brazilian GP Sprint Shootout

Esteban Ocon clipping Fernando Alonso, viewed from his onboard (Credits: X)

During the Sprint Shootout session at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon found himself at the center of controversy as he collided with his former teammate, Fernando Alonso, sending his Alpine A53 into a high-speed crash and bringing out the red flags. Ocon’s frustration and anger were evident as he unleashed a fiery radio rant against Alonso.

As the clock was winding down in the first qualifying segment (SQ1), Ocon and Alonso were on the brink, with the Alpine driver in 16th place and Alonso in 11th. Both needed a strong final lap to secure their positions for the upcoming Sprint race, intensifying the pressure on the track.


Ocon, determined to improve his standing, set off on a flying lap, but disaster struck as he encountered an oversteer while negotiating Turn 3. The oversteer forced Ocon to veer to the right, where he made contact with the left front of Alonso’s Aston Martin. The impact was substantial, sending Ocon’s car spinning and crashing into the outside barriers.

Ocon, who was understandably frustrated and upset after the incident, used the team radio to vent his anger at his former teammate. He did not mince his words, labeling Alonso as a “f***ing idiot” in an outburst that quickly caught the attention of fans and pundits alike. The damage to Ocon’s car was severe, particularly affecting the right rear and floor. The Alpine team faced a race against time to repair the A523 and ensure Ocon’s participation in the forthcoming Sprint race, scheduled at 14:00 local time.

Fernando Alonso believes Esteban Ocon veered into him

Alonso’s car also sustained substantial damage in the collision, and the team immediately initiated efforts to repair it. However, it was revealed that Alonso would not take part in the next part of the session and would start the Sprint Race in 15th place unless he is not penalised for the crash. Alonso turned his radio on to share his verdict as he said, “he went into me I think.”

Esteban Ocon in the barriers at the Brazilian GP
Esteban Ocon in the barriers at the Brazilian GP (Credits: Racing News 365)

The collision between the two former teammates not only ended their SQ1 session but also brought out the red flags, leading to a temporary halt in the proceedings. It left both drivers in precarious positions for the upcoming races, with Ocon facing a race against the clock to repair his damaged car and Alonso sidelined for the next part of the session. Lando Norris ultimately claimed the Sprint pole edging Max Verstappen out by 6 hundredths of a second.

As the repair work on the tire barriers proceeded on the track, the tension and anticipation for the next segment of qualifying, SQ2, continued to build, promising a thrilling continuation of the action in the Sao Paulo GP. The stewards’ investigation and the fallout from this incident will undoubtedly be a focal point of discussions. 

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