Mika Hakkinen names the two drivers who could stop Max Verstappen from winning the Brazilian GP

The two-time World Champion names drivers who could fend off Verstappen from winning the Brazilian GP.

Mika Hakkinen names the two drivers who could stop Max Verstappen from winning the Brazilian GP

Max Verstappen and Mika Hakkinen (Via IMAGO)

Mika Hakkinen, two-time Formula 1 World Champion, believes there are still two drivers on the grid who can stop the unstoppable Max Verstappen from winning this weekend at the Sao Paulo GP. He names Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and McLaren driver Lando Norris, who can edge off Verstappen for another non-Red Bull victory after the Singapore GP.

After the dry/wet Friday Qualifying at Sao Paulo, Verstappen is set to start the main race in pole position. At the same time, the drivers named by Hakkinen are starting in P5 and P7 for Hamilton and Norris, respectively. Before Sunday’s race, drivers would have to go around a sprint race on Saturday, which can serve as a spoiler to whether Hamilton or Norris have a better race pace than Verstappen.

In a recent interview reported by RN365, Hakkinen said he believes although Verstappen’s 17th win of the season seems inevitable, both Mercedes and McLaren can pose a threat to the Red Bull.

In my opinion, the two drivers who can stop Max Verstappen from winning the Brazilian Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton or Lando Norris. I think both of them drove brilliantly in Mexico, and if they can continue like that anything can happen.

He very much believes so, that winning 16 races in a season, which is the same number of races in a whole season when Hakkinen used to race, is one of the greatest achievements any driver would hope for.

It does not matter whether Max is on pole or, as we saw in Mexico, a lower grid position.The car has the performance to win every time and he knows how to extract it.

Max Verstappen takes an early pole after a dry/wet Qualifying fell on Friday at Interlagos

According to Hakkinen, it wouldn’t matter where Verstappen starts to win a race, but he does not want to take risks. The Dutchman put on the fastest lap very early into Q3. As the clouds started hovering in Q3, other drivers did not get as many chances to beat Verstappen’s time as they wanted.

Max Verstappen is on track (via Getty Images)

Verstappen is also set to start Sunday’s race at P1, with his competitors named by Hakkinen start P5 and P7. Verstappen can beat Alberto Ascari’s win percentage record of 77.27% if he takes another victory on Sunday. This record is unbeaten from the past 71 years.

Red Bull are both Champions in Drivers and Constructors Championship. The only goal left for the team is to make their other driver, Sergio Perez, cling to the P2 position in the Driver’s Championship, which is being eyed by the Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton.

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