“They gonna take Hamilton’s Brazil citizenship away”- Fans mock Lewis Hamilton as Yuki Tsunoda in an AlphaTauri overtakes him during the Brazilian GP Sprint

Lewis Hamilton started the race in 5th but ended up finishing the race in 7th place.

“They gonna take Hamilton’s Brazil citizenship away”- Fans mock Lewis Hamilton as Yuki Tsunoda in an AlphaTauri overtakes him during the Brazilian GP Sprint

Yuki Tsunoda passing Lewis Hamilton at the Brazilian GP sprint (Credits: X)

The Brazilian GP sprint was an exciting race that saw Yuki Tsunoda, racing for AlphaTauri, execute a breathtaking pass on the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. The crowd, both in attendance and those watching worldwide, were awestruck by this remarkable maneuver.


Hamilton had a promising start from fifth on the grid but found himself under pressure from competitors with fresher tires in the closing laps. The British driver had shown his prowess earlier, briefly overtaking his nearest rival, Sergio Perez, for third place on the grid. However, his tires began to fade sooner than predicted and had to relinquish the third place to the Mexican. 

Meanwhile, Yuki Tsunoda had been diligently working his way through the field. He was in striking distance and in DRS range to the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc but could not make the pass stick. Tsunoda started the race on fresher boots and put them to good use, which paid dividends in closing in on the drivers who had massive tire degradation. 

In the race’s final laps, Hamilton’s performance significantly declined due to tire wear. Leclerc, who initially trailed behind the British driver, managed to narrow the gap and eventually overtake him effortlessly. Tsunoda, who had been tailing Leclerc throughout the race, found himself in DRS range behind Hamilton. And on Lap 22, approaching turn 1, Tsunoda executed a remarkable pass on Hamilton and secured the 6th place.


Yuki Tsunoda’s impressive pass on Lewis Hamilton won fans’ admiration

When images of the overtaking maneuver circulated online, fans were poised to taunt the seven-time champion. Hamilton had been granted an honorary Brazilian citizenship in 2022, and those who witnessed the pass made bold statements, suggesting that Brazil might revoke his citizenship due to this performance.

Yuki Tsunoda at the Brazilian GP sprint
Yuki Tsunoda at the Brazilian GP sprint (Credits: Last word on Sports)

Hamilton’s supporters came to his defence, attributing the pass to the shortcomings of his W14 car, even calling for its metaphorical “arrest.” Some fans also took the opportunity to tease Mercedes, contending that Hamilton deserved a car capable of winning races.

Nonetheless, a significant portion of fans were taken aback by the pass, expressing astonishment and surprise at the unexpected turn of events. Some even argued that Yuki Tsunoda deserved a seat with Red Bull Racing. Ultimately, Alphatauri secured 3 points, marking their first point-scoring finish in a Sprint race since its inception.

The Brazilian Grand Prix’s Sprint Race witnessed a surprising turn of events that gave fans ample reason for a jest at the expense of Lewis Hamilton. Yuki Tsunoda’s daring overtake on the esteemed seven-time world champion prompted teasing from the crowd.


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