Friend of female employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior claims she is ‘scared, angry and alone’

A close friend has finally revealed the mental state of the suspended female employee who had accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior.

Friend of female employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior claims she is ‘scared, angry and alone’

Christian Horner (Via IMAGO)

The Christian Horner saga had seemingly ended when Red Bull cleared the team principal of all allegations. However, multiple alleged leaks and controversies had kept the case alive. However, as things finally cooled down, a friend of the female employee who spoke up against the Red Bull team boss shared her current state.


Red Bull GmbH allowed Christian Horner to walk away scot-free after the independent investigation. However, the Austrian giant declined to share the investigation report while Horner refused to comment any further after the verdict. The employee was suspended from the team just a couple of weeks after Horner was cleared of all allegations.

Now, the employee’s close friend has spoken up about the difficult situation faced by her. The friend claimed that the suspended employee was very upset, angered, and intimidated due to the entire ordeal. Moreover, she couldn’t speak and didn’t want to speak either. The employee would even start crying whenever she was questioned about situation as she felt like she had no one to talk to.

She is very upset, very angry, very scared, very intimidated, very lonely... Every time I ask her something, she starts crying and says she has no one to talk to because they won't let her talk.
The friend said, as reported by

The F1 paddock and Red Bull have moved on from the case. Christian Horner reportedly paid the employee over $1 Million to end the investigation. However, the female employee looked for a legal route after the investigation. The friend revealed that Horner would potentially go to any extent to ensure that the case does not go public.

As a friend, I can tell you that I would assume that Horner, as he has done every step of the way, will do everything possible to ensure that the employee court is not public.
The friend noted.
Christian Horner
Christian Horner (Via: IMAGO)

Subsequently, the close friend mentioned that a lot of information was missing regarding the case. The female employee was threatened with ‘legal tricks’ as well as the media and had to succumb to losing the case. Moreover, the friend claimed that Red Bull might be looking to fire the employee after the initial suspension.

Unfortunately, a lot is missing for that date. At every step she has been threatened with legal tricks, as well as the media. Now it has been suspended and it is clear that Red Bull is following a process to end up firing her.
The friend mentioned.

Hence, if these claims are true, then the entire case would be deeply saddening for the world of Formula 1. However, things have gone back to normal for Christian Horner at Red Bull. The Briton has led Milton Keynes to two race wins in the first three races this season. Although, fans and the media will keep a close eye on Horner following the investigation saga.

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