“I do think they’re fairly even”: David Croft on Max Verstappen- Charles Leclerc rivalry

David Croft has expressed his opinions on how Charles Leclerc has improved and is almost at par with Max Verstappen now in terms of his racing skills. 

Sky Sports Formula 1 Commentator David Croft has been in the business of this sport for long enough to recognise a talent when he sees it. While all the fans and many of the F1 pundits were of the opinion that Ferrari is the team to look out for in this season because of their amazing performance in the initial races of 2022, the favors have shifted now that we are walking into the tenth race of this Championship. Both the Ferrari racers are still trying hard to cling on to the top of the grid but their F1-75s are not cooperating as they had had to retire from their races on several occasions in the last few weeks.

Speaking of who might have the.last laugh amongst Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen–the two racers who are being touted as “title rivals” for this year’s F1 season, David Croft had some mixed opinions and ambiguous views. In his words, Charles Leclerc has bettered his skills and techniques to the point where the Monegasque is almost at par with the reigning World Champion Max Verstappen now, but the Ferrari racecar has to be more reliable in order for Leclerc to give a close contest to Verstappen.

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David Croft says Charles Leclerc has honed his skills and is almost at the same level as Max

David Croft
David Croft

With the historic British Grand Prix coming up in the next few days, the speculations amongst the motorsport enthusiasts are at an all-time high as everyone is anticipating their favorite racer to win in the famous Silverstone Circuit. While Max Verstappen has been the clear winner in the last few races, it should not be overlooked that Leclerc, with his new engine, worked his way up to the fifth position in the Canadian Grand Prix from the twentieth spot.

When David Croft was asked to give his opinion on who might win the coveted British Grand Prix title next week, he said, ”Charles Leclerc is probably driving as well as Max at the moment, but he’s retired from the lead twice through no fault of his own, and he had to start from the back at Canada.”

He further said, ”What Max has done very well is make the most of the opportunities that have come his way. He’s driving extremely well and you can’t fault him. He’s retired twice himself, and those weren’t his fault either. I do think they’re fairly even, Max and Charles. I don’t think one or the other is driving that much better than the other. They’re the two form horses for this weekend, no doubt‘.”

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