Max Verstappen allegedly sent a mocking text about Lewis Hamilton after Silverstone crash: “That guy cannot handle pressure”

Tim Coronel recalls events that followed up after Max Verstappen's crash

Verstappen's horrifying 2021 Silverstone crash
Verstappen's horrifying 2021 Silverstone crash

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s rivalry in the 2021 F1 season is something that would never be forgotten, both drivers kept outperforming each other, balancing their races, they equalled their points to the final race of the season. The rivalry was not a friendly one, last year at least, there were a lot of moments of extreme heat between the teams and the drivers. There were even crashes, notably in Silverstone and Monza. One of them saw Hamilton winning the race, and the other took both the drivers out. 

Watch: Max Verstappen crash at Silverstone 2021 [4K]

Both of the crashes were horrifying for the drivers; the crash at Monza would have been fatal to Hamilton if there was no halo on his car, and same for Verstappen at Silverstone. The crash at Silverstone was rather an early one that took place on the very first lap, after Verstappen took the lead, Hamilton tried to catch up on him, and on the Copse corner, Max closed the outside gap, and Hamilton didn’t take the inside line, made contact with the Dutchman, sending him into the wall at an extremely high speed. Everyone was worried about Max Verstappen, but as recent news comes out, the actual condition of  Verstappen was much different. 

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Max Verstappen sent a private text to Tom Coronel after the crash 

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Friend of the Verstappen family and Dutch driver Tom Coronel admits he received a text from Max Verstappen as he was en route to the hospital, indicating Max wasn’t feeling too horrible about the whole situation.

According to the text; “Cannot cope with the pressure that guy hahaha. Don’t worry Tommy, we’re gonna beat him this year,” Silver Arrows mentioned. 

He is on his way to hospital, he just got out of the crash. He is not complaining that he was pushed out, he is not complaining that he is hurt.

“He is just saying ‘haha the guy cannot cope with the pressure and we are going to kick back this season’. Then you do not have b*lls, then you have skippy b*lls.

“This shows to me the mindset, Max, the mind is so strong, so strong,” Coronel concluded.

Heading into Silverstone this year, Max Verstappen leads the championship table with 175 points in his bag, and Lewis Hamilton, after struggling a lot with his car, stands 6th with 77 points.

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