“I’m sure Max Verstappen just wanted to lie down, roll around and groan a bit,” Martin Brundle Comments On A Taxing Miami Grand Prix

Former Formula 1 driver, Martin Brundle elaborates on Max Verstappen's challenging outing at the Miami Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen Post race

Formula 1 visited the United States for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. The event was a huge success for the sport as it witnessed record breaking viewership of a Grand Prix in America. The race weekend panned from 6-8th May during the daytime. Miami is a costal metropolitan in American, which views strikingly hot weather at this time of the year.

The race was held in the afternoon on Sunday and was a highly taxing one for all the personnel in the paddock. All the 20 drivers on the grid were physically tested to the extreme and were reported to have lost upto 3kgs of body weight. The current Formula 1 drivers are in top shape, but still felt the impact of the high heat in their cockpits. Miami Grand Prix winner, Max Verstappen was exhausted and needed a lot of fluid after crossing the chequered flag.

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“I felt for Max Verstappen sitting on the buggy” says Martin Bundle reflecting on the Miami Grand Prix

A brilliant drive on Sunday after a disappointing Q3 session saw Max Verstappen claim the top podium position at Miami. The Red Bull driver was transported to the distant podium on a buggy along with colleagues. Former Formula 1 driver, Martin Brundle sympathised with the driver by saying “It’s a long time since I’ve seen these super-fit and perfectly prepared F1 drivers look so battered after a 94-minute race.”

He further added “I know that horrible post-race feeling well, where your core is so hot and continues to well up, you’re missing a lot of fluid and every organ, muscle and tendon is complaining heavily in its demand for essential ingredients. You just can’t get away from your own body as the pain builds and the adrenalin fades. I felt for Max Verstappen sitting on the buggy post-race with the camera zoomed in – I’m sure he just wanted to lie down, roll around and groan a bit.”

A lot of events that record temperatures as high as Miami view a night race. Bahrain, Singapore and Abu Dhabi are some examples of the races held after the sunset. Miami having completed its debut in Formula 1 would surely see some alterations and might just have a change in its racing hours in the future.

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