“They just need to take action”: Lando Norris puts the FIA on blast for disregarding safety concerns at Miami Grand Prix

McLaren driver Lando Norris is the latest driver to have joined the protest against the FIA for not adding a Tecpro barrier to curb crash damages.

Lando Norris special helmet for Miami GP
Lando Norris

In the current season of Formula 1 2022, the FIA have introduced a huge number of rule changes to ensure a close competition between the racers, and to make this sport more thrilling for the fans who watch it. In the fifth race of this season, we found McLaren driver Lando Norris, crash with Alpha Tauri racer Pierre Gasly, which ultimately cost the Briton many precious Championship points as he had to retired from the race.

Following his unfortunate crash in the Miami Grand Prix, Lando Norris has now joined the list of all the other F1 racers who have raised their voice against the FIA for not paying heed to safety concerns in the races. Previously, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who had a poor practice session during FP2 had a collision, and Esteban Ocon of Alpine had also suffered the same fate in FP3.

When Carlos Sainz suffered the impact of his crash in the FP2 session in Miami, he talked about how he thinks the FIA should make a move for adding a Tecpro barrier to curb the damage the crashes tend to do to the cars. The leading authority of Formula 1 did not address his concerns, and the matter was swiftly dropped. But the topic was again picked up when Esteban Ocon, who was going at a relatively slower speed, also crashed against the wall and suffered in the same way as Sainz had.

Lando Norris wants the FIA to move for the ruling to add a Tecpro barrier for added protection

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

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During the FP2 session in Miami, Ferrari racer Carlos Sainz was just making it out of the exit of turn 13 and into the turn 14 when his SF-75 crashed against the concrete wall lining the incredibly narrow race track. And almost the same identical incident happened with Ocon who succumbed to a crash in FP3. The crashes did huge damage to the cars of both the drivers, making it logistically difficult to repair the car on time for the Main Race on Sunday.

Thus, Carlos Sainz called for the addition of a Tecpro wall to save their cars from such damages. Esteban’s Alpine A522 needed to get a chassis change because of the impact from his accident, and that speaks for how serious the concern is.

And now, Lando Norris, who had a terrible accident with Pierre Gasly has spoken up about this. Lando Norris hopes the personnel who govern these logistics of F1 will ‘learn from its mistakes’ even though they failed to act on this issue when it was raised before by Carlos Sainz and Esteban Ocon.

In a recent interview, McLaren driver Lando Norris said, “I think we will discuss it as drivers with the FIA in Barcelona. I guess we learn from mistakes, I hope they learn from what happened.”

He further said, “As drivers, we understand things differently to someone who isn’t driving the car and I think it is just important that when we give advice, it is taken on board and there are actions done, especially when I think there is a much bigger consequence of not having the Tecpro there than having a Tecpro there for instance, and something simple.

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