“Owns Fraudmilton,” F1 fans react as George Russell keeps outperforming Lewis Hamilton in Miami

Lewis Hamilton has been outscored by his teammate and newbie Mercedes driver George Russell, and the F1 fans are not happy about it.

George Russell(on the left) and Lewis Hamilton(on the right)
George Russell(on the left) and Lewis Hamilton(on the right)

The 2022 F1 season has had it’s fair share of drama already. Only 5 races into the season. Some drivers have been performing far better than they were expected to, and some have been disappointing to say the least.

One of the biggest talking points of the season was George Russell’s move from Williams to Mercedes, something that was cooking for a long time, but materialized at the end of last season. Fans were really excited to see how the young British driver would deal with having a seven time world champion as his teammate.

During his time at Williams, George Russell was heavily dominant over his teammates, no matter who they were. And it wasn’t a doubt that he is a really good driver, as he even scored a podium for Williams during his time there. But the pressure of moving on to a championship contender team alongside a teammate who is considered by many to be the greatest the sport has ever seen, was definitely set to be one of the biggest challenge that Russell had faced in his career.

However, with the regulation changes, Mercedes could not really give their drivers a car that could challenge for race wins, let alone the championship. Red Bull and Ferrari got the jump on them and are dominating the 2022 season for now, with mercedes close behind.

George Russell beats Lewis Hamilton to becoming the higher scorer from Mercedes in the initial races of 2022

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton
George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

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Quite amazingly, even amidst all the issues at the Stuttgart-based team, George Russell has managed to regularly outperform his teammate, the legend, Lewis Hamilton. There has been only 1 instance that Hamilton has managed to finish ahead of his teammate, and that was in the season opener at Bahrain. Since then, Russell has finished ahead of Lewis Hamilton in each and every race.

Not just that, Russell has been the only driver to finish in the top 5 in all the races of the 2022 F1 season. It is quite clear to see that he has been dominating Lewis Hamilton in all aspects possible. He simply has been performing better, with a car that is really hard to drive. In the Driver’s Championship standings. Russell is currently 4th with 59 points and Hamilton stands 6th with only 36 points to his name.

F1 Fans have started talking out about this as well, will many going to the extent of labelling Hamilton a fraud.

It is very evident that Russell, despite being a newcomer in the team has had the upperhand over his teammate till now. Only time will tell if Hamilton can turn the tables using his vast experience and catch up to George Russell.

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