Mercedes announce new partnership with Mark Zuckerberg-owned WhatsApp as they target the app’s 2.7 billion users

Mercedes have recently announced their partnership with WhatsApp, a messaging app owned by the house of Meta, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg.

Mercedes announce new partnership with Mark Zuckerberg-owned WhatsApp as they target the app’s 2.7 billion users

Mercedes seems to have some special announcement right before the Las Vegas Grand Prix because they have added a new sponsor to their already-impressive list for the 2024 season and beyond. Mark Zuckerberg‘s Meta-owned mobile texting application WhatsApp has now joined hands with the team from Brackley. This is WhatsApp‘s first venture into the pinnacle of the motorsports world, and they gave away the news of their new deal with the Mercedes-AMG Patronas F1 Team in the most innovative way possible.

Whenever a brand announces their sponsorship of a Formula One team, it is most often seen that they release posts featuring their drivers in an advertisement style. But for the Mercedes-WhatsApp tie-up, the fans got a sudden Instagram post without any preamble at all! The post showed a screenshot of what seems to be a private WhatsApp group called ‘Wolffpack’. The exclusive members of Wolffpack happen to be Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Boss, and his recruits Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

In the screen grab, Toto Wolff appears to have texted, “You’re not going to believe this…” In reply, both Lewis and George expressed their apprehension. The younger Mercedes man even urged Wolff by saying, “Come on Toto, tell us!” And then Toto added WhatsApp to the group and it was revealed that Mercedes are now welcoming the encrypted messaging service to their family. The caption on the post clarified the announcement of the new partnership.

News travels fast. WhatsApp is the Official Messaging Partner of Mercedes-AMG Patronas F1 for 2024 and beyond.

Toto Wolff is elated with Mercedes’ tie-up with WhatsApp as he says the app brings his team closer

While the Mercedes-WhatsApp partnership might seem to have dropped out of the blue for all the fans, the Silver Arrows CEO Toto Wolff claims the team uses WhatsApp around the clock to maintain their communications. In September of 2023, the application launched a new update called “Channels” which gave followers the latest news on various topics such as their favorite celebrities, sports, etc. Mercedes became the earliest F1 team to adopt the facility as they started their own WhatsApp Channel.

The Mercedes-AMG Patronas F1 team (via Autosportfoto)

Now, Toto Wolff has given his take on how Mercedes’ partnership with WhatsApp will only steer the team forward.

WhatsApp plays a critical role in communications across everything we do at Mercedes-AMG F1. From coordinating our operations, sharing ideas, and supporting one another through the journey of each season, it brings the team closer together.

In the team statement, Mercedes have also hinted at dropping some exclusive content on their dedicated WhatsApp channel for all the followers. They are currently at the end of the 2023 season with their hands full with work for the penultimate race of this year. It is expected that next year, the Mercedes F1 team might bring even more content to the plate on their WhatsApp channel to reach their fans extensively.

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