MotoGP rider Brad Binder wants to switch lives with F1 world champion Max Verstappen 

<strong>MotoGP rider Brad Binder wants to switch lives with F1 world champion Max Verstappen </strong>

Brad Binder and Max Verstappen

Brad Binder and Max Verstappen have been Red Bull athletes for a long time now with the former racing in MotoGP while the latter being a F1 driver. Due to their relationship with the energy drinks team, it was inevitable that these two personalities would meet. One thing that both the riders used to have back in 2021 was their race numbers which have changed since then.


While Brad Binder used the no.33, Max Verstappen has decided to race with No.1. Before winning his first F1 title, the Dutchman was racing under no.33 which was the same as his Red Bull companion. Later on, the Red Bull F1 driver chose no.1 as that is a privilege which only championship winners get. It was surely a surprise but Max stated that it would be “good for merchandise sale.” 

In a video posted on the MotoGP website, Brad Binder was playing a game where he would choose a person with whom he would participate in an activity with. When the question came to taking a road trip, Brad went on to state that if it was a celebrity than he would love to take a road trip with Max Verstappen. Apart from that, there was another question which surprised the viewers. 

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Brad Binder wants to swap lives with Max Verstappen 

Brad Binder
Brad Binder

The South African MotoGP rider was also asked a question stating who he would like to swap lives with for a day. He replied saying that his obvious choice was 2 time F1 world champion Max Verstappen. The main reason being that he wanted to drive a Formula 1 car. Now that is something that is on everyone’s bucket list. When it came to swapping lives with someone in the paddock, the Ktm rider’s choice was Jack Miller. 

With the 2023 F1 and MotoGP seasons commencing in a couple of months, the excitement is unreal as fans wait for yet another chaotic season filled with drama. Max Verstappen will be ready to defend his title for a second time while Brad Binder and Ktm will be insistent on pushing hard to be on the level of the top teams. Lots of unknowns lie before us to explore this season.

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