“My 7th season with this amazing team”: Angela Cullen celebrates her longtime association with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton's trainer Angela Cullen posted on Instagram about her seventh year with his team, and explained why she loves being a part of it.

Hamilton: ‘Angela Cullen is one of the greatest things that happened to me’
Hamilton: ‘Angela Cullen is one of the greatest things that happened to me’

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has attained the peak of success in Formula 1 with the help of his own grit and also some of his closest friends who supported him along the way. One such friend and confidante that Hamilton has claimed he couldn’t have survived in F1 without, is Angela Cullen. She is Lewis’ 47-year-old personal trainer from New Zealand, and has played a big part in getting Hamilton to where he is today.

Whenever Lewis Hamilton is spotted around the F1 paddocks during a race weekend, Angela is almost always found by his side. She has been a constant in Lewis’ entourage ever since 2016, and she recently celebrated her 7th year as a part of the Briton’s team.

In a sweet post on Instagram, the mother-of-two talked about how proud she is of her “amazing team” and the “amazing driver” that is Lewis Hamilton.

Angela Cullen posts on Instagram, celebrating her 7th year as a part of Lewis Hamilton’s team

Lewis Hamilton with Angela Cullen
Lewis Hamilton with Angela Cullen

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On several occasions, Lewis Hamilton has talked about how quickly he connected with Angela because the two of them share the same love for their jobs. Even during the tough battle that went down between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen during the last year’s F1 2021 season, Angela had played an integral role in making sure Hamilton’s focus stayed on winning the races to attain the Championship title in the end. She practiced meditation with him, and taught him about mindfulness as well.

In an interview from 2021, Lewis Hamilton had said, “So Angela and I are naturally incredibly close, Hamilton said. “We pretty much live together, and we’re close as friends also. I am very, very lucky to have found Angela because she’s a very special human being.

Formula 1 is a very competitive sport, and finding a friend in F1 can prove to be a very tough job. But Angela has always supported Lewis Hamilton, no matter the end result of the race. In her Instagram post, celebrating her seventh year in the British Champion’s team, she put up a caption saying how much she loves “Team LH”, and paired it with a behind-the-scenes picture of Hamilton getting into his Merc W13 in the Spanish GP FP1.

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