“Nelson Piquet disgusts me,” Journalists take a stand for ‘racially abused’ Lewis Hamilton; call out SPINELESS F1 statement

Journalists lash out on Twitter against Nelson Piquet as the former F1 World Champion abused Lewis Hamilton during live commentary.

Ever since its commencement, the sport of Formula 1 has been regarded as a game for the elites of Europe, closed off to the commoners. But with the change in the ownership of the Formula 1 franchise, when Liberty Media got the rights of F1, they decided to make the sport available to all, by increasing its inclusivity and allowing more and more diverse audience to enjoy the Grands Prix.

But even then, Lewis Hamilton remains as the only Black racer to have participated in F1–and now, a shocking report has revealed that three-time F1 Champion Nelson Piquet has called the seven-time World Champion “little ni**a”, which has since been heavily criticized by people who are linked to Formula 1 in any way. Even some F1 journalists have come forward to bash the alleged quote by Nelson Piquet, and amongst them, former F1 reporter-turned-novelist Matt Bishop has called out the Brazilian racer on his Twitter wall, asking for immediate intervention from the FIA regarding the matter.

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F1 journalist calls out Nelson Piquet for allegedly abusing Lewis Hamilton

Nelson Piquet
Nelson Piquet Sr

While Formula 1 is on the way towards becoming a truly inclusive sport by taking small steps in that direction, the recent news that Nelson Piquet Sr, a decorated, former F1 Champion, has publicly abused Lewis Hamilton, has created a huge uproar among the common people. In the midst of the rucus, ex-F1 journalist Matt Bishop has come out in support of Lewis Hamilton and he has also said that the words of Nelson Piquet Sr “disgust” him.

While giving his take on the entire situation, Matt Bishop has written against Nelson Piquet on his Twitter handle, “I worked with Lewis Hamilton very closely for 5 years when he & I were at McLaren. He’s an absolutely brilliant #F1 driver & a truly great man. He does a huge amount for diversity & inclusivity. By contrast, Nelson Piquet Sr disgusts me. #WeRaceAsOne. That’s it. That’s the tweet.”

He has also said, “If F1 is serious about inclusivity and putting an end to racism, then they must take action here. I’d urge F1 to conduct an investigation and, should Piquet be found to have said these words, he should not be allowed back into an F1 paddock ever again.

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