#PiquetOut trends on Twitter as fans demand justice for ‘racially-abused’ Lewis Hamilton

Netizens cause social media to explode with their own hashtag to protest against Nelson Piquet who used racial slurs on Lewis Hamilton in an interview from last year.

Nelson Piquet

The social media rage that Nelson Piquet has faced in the last two days has risen to an all-time high as the hashtag #PiquetOut is now trending on Twitter. Fans who follow Formula 1 and even humanitarian influencers, who condemned Piquet’s use of racial slurs to address Lewis Hamilton, have now demanded a strict ban on the three-time F1 World Champion from entering the F1 paddocks at any Grand Prix that is held from now on.

This widespread sentiment amongst the people have come up due to an interview in which Nelson Piquet took part last year. There, the veteran F1 racer has clearly used some derogatory verbal abuses while speaking about Lewis Hamilton’s collision with Max Verstappen in last year’s British Grand Prix. Now that the F1 circus is moving to Silverstone for this year’s race, the infamous interview has been unearthed and has caused a lot of unrest amongst fans of F1 who wish for the sport to be inclusive above all.

Here are some of the tweets that the social media users have shared with their followers to voice their opinions on the Nelson-Piquet-Lewis-Hamilton case.

Tweet #1: Fans share videos of Lewis Hamilton telling that he has experienced racism before

In a previous interview, Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he has experienced racism many times while moving up in his Formula 2 career. While Liberty Media has tried to paint a picture of inclusivity in Formula 1, Hamilton remains to be the only Black driver to race in this elite sport. In the videos shared by the fans, the seven-time World Champion has painstakingly said that “Every black kid in the world will experience racism at one point.”

Tweet #2: Fans call for the FIA to intervene and take some actions against Nelson Piquet

Some of the followers of Lewis Hamilton are not okay with the FIA taking no further actions on this matter even though they released a statement condemning Piquet’s use of the racial slurs. They wish for Nelson Piquet’s immediate family to be barred from visit any F1 race ever again, and some of them want Piquet to apologise to Lewis Hamilton publicly, and donate a huge sum of money to a charity of Lewis’ choice.

Tweet #3: Some of the fans have mentioned Nelson Piquet’s link to Max Verstappen

It is no news that Max Verstappen is currently dating Nelson Piquet’s daughter Kelly Piquet. Some of the frenzied fans have bashed the Piquet family as they have been embroiled in controversy in one way or the other over the years.

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Tweet #4: Fans call out Red Bull for going silent on such a pressing issue

Nelson Piquet’s racial abuse on Lewis Hamilton have been severely criticized by all the personnel associated with Formula 1 and most of the F1 teams have released their statements in support of Lewis Hamilton. But when Red Bull was approached for the same, they chose to stay silent–an act that is not sitting well with the fans. They have called for Red Bull to at least respond to the news because silence is not an option here.

Tweet #5: F1 followers bring up Piquet-Senna rivalry to discuss Piquet’s misconduct

It is common knowledge that Nelson Piquet had an ongoing rivalry with Ayrton Senna as both the Brazilian racers had won three World Championships each and wanted to go for more. Nelson Piquet, on several occasions, had called Senna names and said distateful things about him in some of his interviews. When Ayrton Senna got his first Championship title, Piquet had called him the “Sao Paolo taxi driver“. Fans could not help unearthing all the awful things Nelson Piquet have said about Senna, who is also Lewis Hamilton’s biggest inspiration in Formula 1.

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