Sergio Perez claims he ‘never thought of retirement’ during massive slump in the 2023 season

Sergio Perez asserted that he did not lose confidence during his downward slump in 2023, making a comeback to secure P2 in the Championship.

Sergio Perez claims he ‘never thought of retirement’ during massive slump in the 2023 season

Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez (Via IMAGO)

Sergio Perez had an extremely controversial season in 2023 as his teammate Max Verstappen won the World Championship for the third time. The Mexican driver made major mistakes and lacked performance in the middle of the season which caused a stir in the media due to doubts over his position in the team.

With eight Q3 eliminations in the 2023 season, Perez lacked any competition whatsoever towards his teammate after two wins early in the year. However, through this extremely challenging period in his career, the six-time race winner said that he never once thought of departing from the sport. Perez claimed he was aware of his responsibilities and turned the situation around for himself.

But I'm not the type of person who, at this point in my career, gives up and wants to end my career this way. I never thought about doing that. I am aware of the responsibilities I have and I am not the type of person who blames the people around me for the results I have achieved.

Sergio Perez finished the season 290 points behind his teammate, a record number, nearly losing P2 in the Championship to Lewis Hamilton as well. Perez’s position in the Champion team has come under scrutiny after his 2023 season, the favorite to replace him being Daniel Ricciardo.

Sergio Perez faces new competitor for 2025 Red Bull seat

The 2024 driver market is set to be one of the most chaotic driver markets in the past couple of decades, with most drivers’ contracts concluding at the end of the year. One of the most sought-after seats will be the 2025 Red Bull seat, which has been under doubt since Sergio Perez was seen to be miles off his teammate.

Sergio Perez at the Italian Grand Prix
Sergio Perez at the Italian Grand Prix (via Sky Sports F1)

The initial favorite was Daniel Ricciardo, and he will get the opportunity to prove himself. However, with only one one-point finish in seven races in 2023, Ricciardo may not be the top candidate for the seat anymore. The driver that could reportedly replace Perez is from a competing team.


Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz’s contract also ends in 2024, while his teammate Charles Leclerc is set to extend his contract with Ferrari till the end of 2029. Sainz has been linked to Audi purportedly, but after denying this, Red Bull may have had eyes on him.

The man who stopped Red Bull’s clean sweep of 2023 in Singapore has two wins in F1 and has had a very consistent record. A functional second driver, Sainz is a former member of the Red Bull Academy, driving alongside Max Verstappen in their rookie years in Toro Rosso.

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