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“Some people didn’t believe we would come back”: Guenther Steiner reveals Haas suffered 20% loss in their staff after 2021

Haas' Guenther Steiner talked about people leaving his team post their abysmal results in 2021, and how he holds no grudge against those who did not believe in Haas' vision.

Guenther Steiner

Last year was nothing less than a disaster for Haas as the American team failed to score a single point throughout the Championship, and came up in the last position in the Constructors’ standings. But Guenther Steiner had hinted that Haas was sacrificing the entirety of its 2021 campaign in hopes of pooling the resources into developing a good racecar for F1 2022. As there were many new regulations introduced by the FIA for the Formula 1 races this year, Haas wanted to take advantage of the changed rules and gain back their name in the F1 game.

While Haas’ 2021 line-up had the rookie partnership of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin, the team let go of the latter amid the Ukraine-Russia tension and re-appointed Kevin Magnussen as Schumacher’s partner for this year. This decision proved crucial for Haas as Magnussen returned to his former team at the top of his form and in his very first race with Haas in 2022, he scored a top 5 finish in Bahrain. For a team whose future seemed bleak after the failed 2021 campaign, Magnussen’s P5 finish was like a comeback that they needed badly.

Guenther Steiner discusses the declining number of staff at the Haas garage

Guenther Steiner

Even though Haas’ initial form in 2022 has weared down a little and that P5 finish from Magnussen in the season-opener still remains as the team’s highest position, they are still at a much better place than where they were last year. Haas’ VF-22 has proven to be a swift car, and their two racers have been quite often spotted challenging other cars for point in the races. Many F1 pundits have noted that the Haas has better performance in wet conditions than Alfa Romeo and Williams as well. But even then, Guenther Steiner noted that the team was down by 20% of its staff following their poor finish in 2021.

Speaking of how he holds no grudge against those staff members who left the team post their abysmal conditions in 2021, Guenther Steiner said, “Some people left; I would say 20% more than normal turnover left. There was more than one reason, but for sure some people didn’t believe we would come back.”

He continued, “It was mainly people who were not there for a long time – most of the people who were there for a long time, they stayed, because I think they believe in the team and they like this team and the atmosphere; what we are doing. Most of them. We have got quite a good bunch of people who are still here since day one or day two.”

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