Toto Wolff claims George Russell is a Champion in making

Toto Wolff has deemed George Russell as a future World Champion in Formula One.

George Russell
George Russell
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Toto Wolff the Mercedes Team Principal believes that George Russell is on the path to becoming a future World Champion in Formula One.

George Russell is considered one of the most prolific drivers on the current Formula One grid and even when he was at Williams, he showed glimpses of the caliber that he has got as an F1 driver.

The 23-year-old was called Mr.Saturday during his Williams days and it was on the back of the prolific performances that he was able to put during qualifying in lesser machinery as compared to the other drivers.

Russell during the 2021 season was not able to get out of Q1 only thrice whereas he was able to land his Williams in the Top 10 an impressive four times. The Brit started second in Belgium and from the third spot in Russia, and his highlight of the season came in Spa where he managed P2 under treacherous conditions.

George Russell
George Russell

Moreover, Russell managed the first pole position of his career in Hungary this season, and Toto Wolff while talking about his potential said, “George is a champion in the making and he was a champion in all the junior categories – in F3, F2, as a rookie.”

We would have never put him in a Mercedes if we didn’t believe he can be a future world champion.”

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Toto Wolff believes Hungary’s pole position was a special moment for George Russell

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

Mercedes to everybody’s surprise is on the back foot this season but despite that, George Russell has managed to put consistent performances for the team and is currently ahead of his legendary teammate Lewis Hamilton.

As the season has progressed, the Brackley-based team has managed to improve its W13, and Wolff while stressing over Russell’s pole at the Hungaroring said, “It is George’s first pole so that will always be something special for him, and us, because that is a moment to remember.”

But George had these incredible performances in junior series and he had it in Spa last year in the rain. It is just another milestone of the many he is going to achieve.”

George Russell
George Russell

Toto Wolff is convinced that George is going to do unprecedented things in the sport and considering how well the young Brit has shown himself this season, it can be said that the Austrian is spot on in his assessment.

After the end of the summer break, there are still 9 races left in the season and it is going to be interesting to see whether George Russell would be able to stay ahead of Lewis Hamilton who is not too far behind him in the Drivers Championship.

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