Toto Wolff confident Lewis Hamilton contract renewal will be a flying lap

Toto Wolff confident Lewis Hamilton contract renewal will be a flying lap

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff (image via Marca)

Toto Wolff has led the Mercedes F1 team to unprecedented success. Wherein, Lewis Hamilton has been perhaps the biggest pillar. The Wolff-Hamilton pairing has won 6 Drivers’ World Championships since 2014. The Silver Arrows won a staggering 8 consecutive Constructors’ titles during that period. As Hamilton is now 38 years old, there has been speculation about the nature of Lewis’s contract extension with Mercedes.


Lewis Hamilton’s contract ends after the 2023 F1 season. Consequently, Toto Wolff is adamant to resign the British driver for the foreseeable future. Toto is confident about having a swift deal-signing process with Hamilton. Recently, the Mercedes Team Principal stated to that there is no rush regarding this deal as he said, “We have a full year to go.” Wolff went on to mention how close the two have become over the years, forming a strong bond between the two.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff have rewritten history at Mercedes

Toto Wolff stated, “We’re so aligned. In the last 10 years our relationship has grown.” Hence, Toto expressed that the two will simply have some tough negotiations together for a few hours when Lewis Hamilton is back in Europe. He said, “It’s just a matter of him physically being back in Europe, sticking our heads together, wrestling a bit and then leaving the room with white smoke after a few hours.” A testament to the relations between the two.

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A contract renewal is in sight for Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff

Hamilton and Wolff have worked together harmoniously over the years

Toto Wolff is not the only one who is certain regarding this deal. Lewis Hamilton himself has previously stated his intentions to continue at the Silver Arrows. In 2022, Hamilton mentioned that the British driver will be doing another deal with the German team. Lewis said, “We are going to do another deal.” The 7-time champion went on to describe the timeline of this process. He continued, “We’re going to sit down and we’re going to discuss it in these next couple of months, I would say.”

Despite speculation, Lewis Hamilton has insisted on carrying on in Formula 1 at least in the short term. Hamilton was asked about his retirement from the sport during the Mexican GP last year. Correspondingly, Lewis replied, “I’m not putting a limit on it, to be honest.” The 38-year-old stated his intentions of having a multi-year deal with Mercedes. He said, “I’m planning to do a multi-year deal with my team. I really, really don’t know what the next five years [hold], I think we’re still trying to work on that.”

Lewis Hamilton mentioned the new projects in his life outside of F1. Lewis even started his own film production company last year, apart from a charity foundation named, Mission44. However, the 7-time champion is adamant that there is a lot more for him to achieve with Mercedes. He elaborated, “I think there’s more stuff to achieve together. I just don’t know [how long].”

Thus, it seems that Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff will be signing a new contract soon. Only a matter of time before the two agree on this intense conversation. Despite having his first winless season in F1, Lewis has not lost any hunger for the sport. As the British driver looks set to bounce back this season. For now, fans look forward to the news of this above-mentioned contract extension.


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