Toto Wolff predicts whether there will be a repeat Singapore GP with Red Bull weakness in future races of 2023

Toto Wolff has answered whether he believes a similar situation of Red Bull's underperformance at Singapore GP would be repeated at any of the future races in this season.

Toto Wolff predicts whether there will be a repeat Singapore GP with Red Bull weakness in future races of 2023

The Singapore GP turned out to be a massively exciting extravaganza as Red Bull showed a sudden decline in performance and Ferrari reigned supreme. Only month ago, Scuderia racer Carlos Sainz had said that he is convinced Red Bull will make a mistake at one point in the 2023 season and then, Max Verstappen will not win. He said that he wanted to make good use of that opportunity to become the Grand Prix winner himself. Sainz delivered upon his promise and attained a resounding victory at the Singapore Grand Prix.

As Red Bull had a poor outing in the Singapore GP weekend, there were a few opponent teams that wanted to capitalise on the opportunity. While racers from McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari were all in the race for capturing the top spot, only Mercedes could make it. Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff commented on when a repeat of the race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit might happen again. If such a scenario happens, then Mercedes would be able to jump at the chance of attaining a race win with Lewis Hamilton or George Russell.

Speaking on whether Red Bull’s poor form at the Singapore GP might happen again, he said, “I think they [Red Bull] have been so strong, we must not forget it. Just because we have this outlier here in Singapore, which was a difficult track for us in the past 10 dominant years, I have no doubt that they will be strong for the more conventional races.”

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Toto Wolff claims an F1 podium without Red Bull presence is like ‘fresh air’

Toto Wolff’s seeming disdain at Red Bull and their Team Principal Christian Horner became apparent recently. After Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz defeated everyone else, including the two Mercedes racers, to win the Singapore GP, Wolff’s joy was infectious.

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Toto Wolff (via Twitter)

Toto Wolff looked so happy as he embraced the Scuderia leader Frederic Vasseur. And then, he said (as quoted by @JunaidSamodien_), “It’s a fresh air, we have a different track, we have a podium without them [Red Bull] so we better take the small positives in a year of Red Bull dominance.

On the other hand, Christian Horner has complained about Red Bull’s race being completely ‘scr***d’ due to the wrong timing of the safety car. As Austrian outfit was following a strategy different than every other team, their plan backfired and led to a below-expectations outcome. But still, Max Verstappen managed to improve from his starting position of P11 to fifth in the grid. Now, it remains to be seen how the Dutch performs at the upcoming Japanese GP, which is the race where he was crowned the World Champion last year.

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