“Verstappen would not be unbeatable in Formula E”: Jean-Eric Vergne highlights big differences between Formula E and Formula 1

Formula E poster boy Jean-Eric Vergne highlights key differences between Formula E and Formula 1

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Jean-Eric Vergne and Max Verstappen’s Formula One careers collided in Faenza in 2015, behind the wheel of Toro Rosso. The Frenchman, who had participated in three championships between 2012 and 2014, making a total of 51 points, ended up losing the opportunity to extend to the Circus to the Dutchman, who made his first appearance in the top division at the mere age of 17.

That marked the start of a journey that would lead to Verstappen winning a world championship in 2021, while Vergne found success in Formula E, where he ended up winning two consecutive titles, becoming the only person to have won more than one world title in the 100 percent electric single-seater category.

Having thus undergone two series such as Formula E and F1, the transalpine, now poster boy of the DS understands the principal distinction between the different series, which were clarified explicitly to the mainstream press just before the Berlin E-Prix. However, he finished in second place, emphasizing above all the power up spent on the simulation software in Formula E: “Sometimes you win races and you don’t know what you did exactly to deserve them,” he clarified, “and other times you don’t win and you don’t know why.”

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“He wouldn’t be, I could bet on it” :Jean-Eric Vergne believes that Max Verstappen wouldn’t make it in Formula E

Jean-Eric Vergne
Jean-Eric Vergne

Vergne disclosed that the secret to succeed in a series like Formula E, one has to just focus on themselves to maximize their entire package with a lot of sheer hard work and determination. In Formula E, the drivers themselves spend a considerable amount of time in the factories, working closely with the engineers on the simulator. “In fact, I work a lot more than I did in Formula 1, and I know that Formula E drivers spend a lot more time in the simulator than any other category” added the Frenchman.

Discrepancies so noticeable, according to Vergne, that they could cause problems for Max Verstappen if the Dutchman decides to switch to Formula E:“I’ll tell you one thing – he added – in all honesty, if you race in Formula 1 against him, I wouldn’t beat him. He is clearly at the top in the Circus, and he might as well be unbeatable. But if he switched to Formula E, he wouldn’t be, I could bet on it .” He then continued to joke about how he is the best in this series.

Furthermore, in terms of Formula E, Vergne is making progress to testing the new Gen3 single-seater, which will unveil in the upcoming season with much more power than the cars presently in use: “I think it’s a big step forward. But I wonder how the races will take place. There will be a huge amount of energy savings, so it will be very interesting for us.  Already this year the races are a bit cleaner, and I like it, but for next year I don’t know what it will be like, but I hope there will be less ‘bumper cars.”

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