‘We can’t even make the fu**ing DRS work’: Max Verstappen rants furiously on the radio after a tough battle with George Russell

Max Verstappen was so upset as his RB-18 DRS system caused him much trouble during the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix, that he almost shouted at his team engineers through the team radio to make sure the DRS starts again.

Max Verstappen has had enough of Red Bull’s reliability issues in the Spanish Grand Prix as the reigning World Champion had to struggle with the Drag Reduction System of his RB-18 for four laps as he could not get the DRS flaps to open in his race car so that he could overtake George Russell‘s Mercedes, that was running right in front of him.

Max Verstappen, who is currently in the second position in the World Drivers’ Championship standings with 85 points, knows that he has to deliver some unprecedented performances in the next few races to make up for the retirements that he suffered in the initial few races of this season. But Red Bull’s reliability issues do not seem to leave him as the Dutchman had trouble with DRS in Barcelona on Sunday.

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Max Verstappen is frustrated as he cannot get past George Russell’s car due to DRS problems

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen’s woes knew no bounds in Sunday’s main race as he was frustrated beyond imagination because he was only 0.388 seconds behind George Russell and his Mercedes W13, but he could still not get past the Briton due to issues with his DRS equipment.

Just before the Spanish Grand Prix kicked off, it was revealed that Red Bull had made slight alterations in Max Verstappen’s RB-18 in parc ferme. Their team was not penalized for it as they were technically just adding the same car parts and not anything new at all.

But no matter the new additions, Max Verstappen’s DRS did not function properly when he pressed the button to open the DRS flaps, but due to some error, the flaps did not work at all. At this, Max Verstappen exclaimed frustratedly over the team radio, “We can’t even make the fu**ing DRS work.”

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