“When I’m not upset about these things, then I’m not interested in F1”: Max Verstappen believes occasional anger over team radio can be helpful

Max Verstappen has given his verdict on Yuki Tsunoda getting help for managing his emotions during the F1 Grands Prix, after Helmut Marko decided to hire a professional for him.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen
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According to some recent reports, Red Bull Chief Advisor Dr. Helmut Marko has decided to step in and hire help for Yuki Tsunoda, who drives for the Red Bull’s sister team Alpha Tauri. This is being done as the racer often loses his temper while driving and launches a tirade on the team radio. A professional sports psychologist has been appointed to help the young Japanese with his emotions as Marko has felt his aggressiveness is something that needs to change in order to make his performance better.

Leading up to the Austrian GP, WDC leader and reigning World Champion Max Verstappen commented on the news that Helmut Marko has hired a professional to help Tsunoda. In the press conference which was broadcast by Sky Sports, the Dutchman said he did not agree with Marko’s way of dealing with this. He thinks he is happy with his driving style and way of communicating and concluded that he has become better at expressing his emotions while driving over the years.

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Max Verstappen talks about communicating with his team during a Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and Mick Schumacher
Max Verstappen 

In last week’s British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen had a particularly trying time as his car could not keep up due to some floor damage. The Dutchman came in the second spot in the Qualifiers and he was targeting another race win to add to his name, but then he felt that his tyre had punctured. After he was calling into the pits and his tyres were changed, he realised he had another issue with the car, which is why he could not speed up and lost about 2.5 seconds per lap.

When Max was asked about his comments on how Helmut Marko hired help for Tsunoda to manage his emotions while driving and if he had ever required any such help for himself, he said, “No. I didn’t work with anyone. But over the years you look back at what you do better. It doesn’t help the team coming in when you’re upset because it makes the team more nervous.”

He also said, “It’s more if something goes badly or if I have a problem. When the day comes that I’m not upset about these things anymore, then I’m not interested in the sport anymore. For me, it’s because I care about the result. It’s not influencing my performance during my race.”

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