Toto Wolff claims Lewis Hamilton showed a ‘stratospheric and galactical’ pace at Canadian GP

Lewis Hamilton managed a strong fourth place finish at the Canadian GP.

Toto Wolff claims Lewis Hamilton showed a ‘stratospheric and galactical’ pace at Canadian GP

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO)

The Mercedes crew showcased a great improvement in performance at the Canadian GP. Brackley sustained a highly disappointing start to the 2024 season. Hence, the Canadian weekend was a great benchmark for the German carmaker to continue their upgrades. Toto Wolff highlighted that Lewis Hamilton drove a great race despite losing out the podium to George Russell.

Mercedes integrated multiple upgrades to the mediocre W15 at the Monaco GP. The upgrades paid dividends to the team after George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished P3 and P4 respectively. However, the seven-time world champion missed the podium due to some issues. Regardless, the two drivers scored some fast lap times during the practice sessions.

Toto Wolff was praiseful of the 39-year-old over his performance at the Canadian GP. Upon Hamilton topping the FP3 session, Wolff reckoned that the Briton’s lap was ‘out of this world’ as it was so quick. Additionally, the team principal pointed out that the former world champion’s long run during the race was ‘stratospheric and galactical’.

In FP3 Lewis did a lap that was out of this world. That was so quick, Then his long run was stratospheric, galactical. So, there was a lot of pace.
Toto Wolff said, as reported by

Toto Wolff reckons the drivers felt there was ‘more for grabs’ than a P4 finish

Lewis Hamilton was evidently disappointed by the fourth-place finish after fighting it out on the track. The Briton had the pace to fight for the top spot potentially. George Russell overtook him and denied him a chance at a podium finish. Wolff believed that a P3 and P4 finish was great after looking at the disappointing start to the season.

I think when you finish third and fourth, from where we have been coming from, then it is a positive race.
Toto Wolff said, as reported by
george russell and toto wolff
George Russell and Toto Wolff (via IMAGO)

However, according to the team principal, both drivers knew that there were better results for grabs. Hence, due to this, there was a bit of a negative sentiment in their minds. Regardless, if the team scored a P3-P4 finish before an impressive Canadian weekend, both drivers would likely have been happy with the result.

We could have gained a position or two, and that is why there is a kind of negative sentiment, but if you would have given them third and fourth before the weekend, they probably would have taken it. I think both drivers saw that there was more up for grabs.
Toto Wolff noted.

The Brackley-based team could start scoring better results than their start to the season. The team has been looking promising after the upgrades in the chassis. However, the outfit is way behind the leading teams in the constructors’ championship. As a result, Toto Wolff and co. have a lot of work to do to gain control over their position in the championship.

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