Max Verstappen claims it feels like RedBull is in ‘spiral’ with issues

Max Verstappen claimed that Red Bull seemed to have found itself surrounded by issues after a few challenging weekends.

Max Verstappen claims it feels like RedBull is in ‘spiral’ with issues

Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

At the start of the 2024 season, Red Bull Racing seemed to be the best with no competitor nearby its drivers. However, as the season proceeds further, it appears that the Milton Keynes team is slowing down and facing a series of problems. This has allowed rivals to compete against the team neck to neck. Max Verstappen believes it is becoming difficult for the team to overcome these hurdles.

Verstappen reckoned that Red Bull was focusing on doing a lot of things. However, the Dutch driver highlighted that the team was not in the same trajectory as its dominant campaign last season. The three-time world champion felt that Milton Keynes will need time to recover from a ‘spiral’ of issues it currently faces.

I think we are all very focused and doing a lot of things right, but for whatever reason, we are not in that same flow as we had last year, where everything goes really well for us, no reliability issues. It almost feels like you're a bit in a spiral and it may take a bit of time to get out of it.
Max Verstappen said

The 26-year-old was absolutely certain that Red Bull will overcome the struggles they faced last week in Montreal by analyzing the mistakes and drawbacks and work to improve for further races. This comes after Max Verstappen clinched the race victory.

We are for sure on top of everything, but there are always things that you can do better. We'll come out of this week and analyse everything again and try to improve.
Max Verstappen explained

Christian Horner Claims Max Verstappen at the ‘top of his game’

After a challenging race event at Montreal, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner appreciated Max’s efforts for winning the Canadian GP after facing a setback in Miami. When asked about Verstappen’s performance, the 50-year-old stated that it was a cracking race and Max was on ‘top of his game.’ As Max Verstappen managed to take victory despite the difficult weather conditions during the race. Horner also mentioned that the Dutchman’s decisions of when to make pit stops were on point.

It was a cracking race and Max was on top of his game. It is tricky conditions and Max made the right calls with the pit wall.
Christian Horner stated
Christian Horner
Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

Horner further highlighted the issue raised by Max Verstappen during the race about the suspension when the track starts to dry after the rain. As the car goes faster on the dry track, the stiffness of the car becomes more of a problem.

The suspension issue Max mentioned is just as the track dries out, they are running faster and the car is running quite stiff.
Christian Horner explained

Despite setbacks, there is confidence that Red Bull will analyze and improve from their mistakes. Overall, Milton Keynes will try to overcome obstacles faced in Montreal and work to overcome these issues to return to their peak performance. As such, fans could see Max Verstappen dominate the upcoming races.

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