Formula 1: Drivers to Question FIA Director Michael Masi for Not Punishing Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris for Respective Violations

Get to know why did couple of formula 1 drivers feel Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris deserved to be punished.

Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris
Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris

The latest news from the world of Formula 1 suggests various formula 1 drivers questioning FIA Director Michael Masi upon the reason why two-time world champion Fernando Alonso along with Lando Norris. With the rules being strict for all small matters and mistakes, it seems to shock a handful of drivers in Istanbul when their companions went unpunished. 

Now talking about why Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris should be punished, the former was under the investigation after he was initiated on the premise of whether Alonso responded to the double yellow flags during the Q1 of qualifying on Saturday in Istanbul. On the other hand, Norris was not charged for crossing the put lane entry line during the Russian Grand Prix. 

What Did Pierre Gasly and Lance Stroll State? 

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly who was recently handed a 5-second penalty by the race stewards in Istanbul stated, as quoted by Sportsrush“I think it has to be discussed what we are allowed to do because there is, of course, one incident which is a white line, not safety related, and another incident with double yellow flag where safety was related.” 

Lando Norris Girlfriend
Lando Norris

“I’m sure we’re going to discuss that with Michael. But I think all of us in the team were surprised with that.” 

Sebastian Vettel’s teammate Lance Stroll also questioned why Alonso wasn’t punished, “I think the rules need to be consistent, especially in a double yellow, which it was. You can’t keep pushing. You can’t set a lap time. You should have to, on a double yellow, abandon the lap time.” 

Lance Stroll 1 - FirstSportz

“Which it was, it was a double yellow. On a single yellow you can lift and if conditions are improving with the lift, if you can demonstrate that with the data and you set a fast lap time, fine, if there’s a clear lift. But in a double yellow, for me it’s clear, you have to abandon the lap and that wasn’t the case. So I just think that there’s different decisions being made, which is funny.”

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