“Switching Formula 1 Team is a Huge Task”: Sebastian Vettel on His Aston Martin Switch

Sebastain Vettel talks about the tough team switch in 2021 and how the race drivers are facing challengers from Pirelli tyres.

Sebastian Vettel

The four time World Champion finally managed to deliver his best performance of the 2021 Formula 1 season for Aston Martin after clinching the second position in Azerbaijan Grand Prix. After the initial struggle filled spectacle, it was nice to see the 33 year old finally delivering for the British team. However, ahead of the French Grand Prix, Vettel revealed his mind set upon changing teams, and stated how tiring it is to adapt to the change.

In 2021, we see with Vettel, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo that it is surely not easy to make the switch to a new team and the same can actually be said for Fernando Alonso. No matter how much experience these guys all have, they are starting from scratch at their new team. More importantly, everyone has been linked to struggles in the initial stages of the newest season.

Sebastian Vettel Upon Tough Pirelli Tyres Affecting Many Race Drivers

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Sebastian Vettel

‘In the last five or six years, more and more information has been added that you have to deal with. Things you have to store in your head before you can focus on racing. Switching from one car to another is not difficult.It is more about dealing with the different philosophy of the team, which changes your whole approach”, Sebastian Vettel told Auto, Motor und Sport.

“You have the same feeling for the tyres as in your previous car, but somehow it’s harder to find the right window. Tyre knowledge has exploded in the last five years. So if you can find your window, it’s great, but if you can’t find your window, you’re nowhere.”

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Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

In that respect, Vettel is therefore not a big fan of the Pirelli tyres. ”They are less and less good at handling different forces. On the other hand, cars have more and more grip and are becoming heavier. Also the engines have more power. That all has an effect on the tyres as well”, Vettel concluded with some softening for Pirelli.

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