“There’s no buzz,” Sir Nick Faldo drops brutally honest opinion about LIV Golf

Sir Nick Faldo has not taken kindly to the LIV Golf Series, and he had quite a few harsh words to say about it.

“There’s no buzz,” Sir Nick Faldo drops brutally honest opinion about LIV Golf

Fred Couples

The LIV Golf Series has had its fair share of controversy ever since its inception. The Series has faced quite the backlash. This not only includes harsh words from several people, but also an effective ban from the PGA Tour and exile from the OWGR Points. Yet the words do not seem to stop, as Sir Nick Faldo had something to say about LIV Golf.

Sir Nick Faldo has several times bashed the players who have joined the LIV Series. However, he took the time to criticise the Golf Series as a whole, saying it was of little interest to others. Sir Nick Faldo said that there was little to no interest over the Media, including television and social media.

Their last two events on YouTube had very little viewership, guess 16-17 thousand viewers. I think if they have another quiet year, the players would be disenchanted, the sponsors won’t be there, the TV won’t be there and even LIV Golf might look at the numbers,” he said, talking about the billions of dollars being poured into the Tour.

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Sir Nick Faldo mentions lack of excitement when it comes to playing at LIV Golf

Fred Couples
Fred Couples

Sir Faldo said that even of the field of 48 people, he knows probably 20. And even out of that, he is tired of seeing the same people play again and again, and wishes for a change. While the format seems to be new and fresh, there are times when the repetitiveness of the players makes it quite boring to watch.

I” think some of them have already implied it — where’s the excitement? If you are out playing and there’s no buzz, it’s hard. If you are playing the 14th hole and there’s nobody around, it’s hard work. Many of the major champions have played in fantastic arenas and golfers love the atmosphere,” he said, talking about the lack of crowd at LIV.

Faldo said that he had no issues with the guys wanting to make a switch to the LIV Golf Series for the money. At the end of the day, Faldo said that it was about playing and loving the game of golf. It was playing for the buzz, and that came regardless of what series a golfer played on.

It seems like society has changed. Your are measured by your worth. Nobody knows how much I got in the bank, do they? In fact, even I don’t know how much I’ve got. But they all know I’ve got six majors. For me and players from that era, we played for the trophies,” said Faldo, talking about his time as a player.

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